Dublin U17 Hurling 2018


I doubt Dunne will be lost to football


Just the scoreline WOW. Is Luke Swan the real deal then. Is he more likely to go down the hurling route?


Not liking the heading!


Well it does look like the same old same old unfortunately. I’ve no issue with a Ciaran Kilkenny playing football because he’s playing but when you look at lads who are/were wasting away on the bench for years it is very disappointing.

Still. Could be that one of the footballers may well throw his lot in with the hurlers next year :wink:


Young and all as these guys maybe Swan looks a real outstanding prospect…outrageous ability in the air and powerful striker of a ball.
If you were to put money on a dual player returning who would it be?


He’d be from the same club as the manager :wink:


That would be wonderful if it happened.


Dara Purcell is a serious prospect and not dual. Dunne is not making the football 15. Some of these guys might not make the football panel but look like they could have good futures as hurlers. Depends. Rushe and Danny were good footballers by all accounts.


Well done today deserved win.I predicted after parnell park we will meet in all ireland final and we will(best out of 3 decider).


Does Rushe still play football for St Pats Palmerstown?


If it was anything like today it’d be an classic. Just hope we win our next game, not something we tend to do outside Leinster.


Yes he does


Kilkenny and dublin are better than cork or tipp dont know about galway.kk dub findl for me.


He’s ohmnipresent, like yourself. Timezone neutral.


Unless Con O Callaghan has transferred to Vinnies it wont make much difference.


Delighted that I didn’t turn the car around and head home when the traffic was shite on the way down. In all the years I played or watched games I struggle to recall a game like this today. As I said earlier it is great to see a Dublin team take on the opposition defence and go for goal, when the point was the easier option. We could have had another 2-3 goals today.
Obviously we need to shore up the defence. 10 goals in two games is far from ideal and this could be ultimately what costs us an all ireland. But there is a forward line there capable of of out scoring anyone. Swan looks like a bigger version of Con.
Also great to see a great spread of clubs across the panel. Onwards and upwards


Fair play, @sneakersotoole. I’m envious of you witnessing this, first hand.


Fair play Sneakers.


Are you a St Pats Palmerstown club man?


Who is manager?