Dublin U17 Hurling 2018


Michael Connolly. From Waterford. Was our first county hurling development officer many years ago. He set up the development squad system and had a hand in the dublin colleges.


Have said a few times since seeing first game v KK that Dublin are very good going forward. Move the ball at serious pace. Defensive side needs sorting if AI is going to happen.

Congrats to all involved on Leinster title. Great achievement!


And not only traditional hurling clubs, too. Hats off to everyone involved in coaching these young buckos at Clontarf, Fingallians, etc.


There was an excellent feature on him in the Connecticut Post recently. Must dig it out for you.


Uh… We’re still doing this. I was asking Dubcat not you


What’s this got to do with U.17’s Hurling?


I think Tayto mentioned how Sutcliffe and Rushe were good footballers and its gone off-topic from there.


There was a good article on Sutcliffe in the Hartford Courant in February last dunno if you saw that.


The Hartford Courant seeks to provide the news Connecticut needs, reported faithfully and fully, with respect for all and favor to none. They strive to be authoritative and insightful, to inform and to delight.


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Minor All Ireland getting harder to win now, you could once win your province, get Ulster in the semi and get into the final. Even further back you could go straight into the final if you won your province, (if you avoided Galway in a semi).

This year Kilkenny will have played 3 group games, provincial semi and final, two more QF games and then possibly a semi and a final. That’s 9 games, that would have won you two All Ireland’s once!


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Are swan and Purcell under 17next year also


They were both on the u15 panel which won the micheal Foley last August. Conor Murray as well.


Both need to work on our defense it seems! Concede 6-7 goals v tipp or cork and we’d both be in trouble I suspect. We scored 4 goals against yiz in the first game as well, think youse find swan difficult.


Brilliant to be winning leinster at u17 this year and last. Thats the type of quality you want heading towards the seniors ranks in a few years time. I dont think there was a huge crossover from last years u17 team either which is great as it just throws more potential options into the mix for the future although it being u17 theyare still fierce young.


Was it minor or u17 we won Leinster last year?

The minor team had currie, o’donnell, Coffey, Horgan and Murphy.

Can’t rememeber the u17 line up but remember we thought it was a better balanced team then the minors.


Ah right yea, it was the u17s who won Leinster with a convincing win over kilkenny, billy Ryan got 1-03


That is four Leinster minors out of the last eight, plus the U17 last year. So 5 from 9 sort of…