Dublin U17 Hurling 2018


Which is why we expected to go well at u21 this year. Doesn’t always pan out. But we shouldn’t have the makings of a very good U20s team next year.


They need to try push on and get to an all ireland now…hopefully anyway.
Its great to have beaten the cats in a shoot out too…rarely happens.


Tipp beating limericks reasonably comfortably


Ye tipp are good …i think limerick probably got lucky the last day against them to be honest. Who do we play in a semi final now?


They started them early enough!


It’s nice too to reverse a previous result. Kilkenny have done it on us (we beat them in an earlier game and they beat us in the final), but I don’t think we have ever done it on them before.


They don’t seem to know be able to handle swan, he got 3 goals in the first game as well.

Dunne is overage next year I think?


Will have to wait and see. I think KK, Galway and Limerick play off for two spots in the semis. Presume we won’t get KK if they come through.


Goes to show the love for hurling in Munster by HQ, with minor game on 1st today.
They could’ve played minor game in croker today before McDonagh final.


Limerick galway and kilkenny go into a round robin for a place in the semis


There was a reasonable crowd at the game yesterday, gave a bit of atmosphere to the occasion. If the same crowd were in Croke Park you wouldn’t have had half the atmosphere. They’ve earned getting to Croke Park and will be playing there for two more games hopefully.


Also believe a lad who went to football this year was offered u17 captain to stay hurling.


Maybe he should have accepted :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Must be good if thats the case whoever he is. Cant be loosing lads like that. With that said, success breeds success though and if teams are successful lads wanna play on them so hopefully we keep the dual players and also the non dual players :+1:


Don’t forget highlights on at 8.

Is there any way to get the full recording from tg4 you think? Sounds like an phenomenal game.


Swans 2nd goal was brilliant. Reminds me of Con O Callaghan


Reminds me of Rushie…


I fcuking missed it. Does TG4 have a ‘Player’?


They do yea


That was not intended as sarcastic by the way