Dublin U17 Hurling 2018


So is Luke Swan considered the next Ciaran Kilkenny except he plays inter-county hurling. Is he on the Castleknock panel in either codes?


Has the run alright!


He’s still U16


So he’s 15 right now?


I think, of the lads who have seen action this year, 6 are under age again next year… Swan and Murray of castleknock, Murphy of olafs, Purcell from crokes, Colm Walsh from Lucan and waddick of Thomas Davis. I’ve probably left a few out, but I’d imagine they’ll be the spine of next year’s team anyway


Waddick was brought in from the McDonagh Celtic Challenge team, serious bit of stuff, very strong in the air.


No sign of him since he got sent off v wexford… I presume he’s injured?


Haven’t heard he was injured. Unless he was used as cover for Wexford game,but, I’d say we’ll see more of him.


By any chance did the fella who declined captaincy of the hurlers start centre forward forward for the footballers the last day against Wicklow


Ask him


But he could have done both. If he has reached that standard as a hurler it seems strange that he wouldn’t want to pursue it with the county. It also seems weird that they offered inducements in an case where both options were open. It wasn’t like other years where they had to tempt the guy away from football.

I know I am practically alone in this view here, but I would have no issue bringing in a lad later in the year if the team from the other code went out. It is understandable that a guy can only commit to one, it was even more understandable in other years where he had to make a choice. When Tipp beat us in the 2012 minor final I think they bought a guy in from the football team just for the All Ireland final replay, and he was the difference. Without that, the other 25 guys on the panel would not have their All Ireland medal now.

I know guys lose out. But intercounty is harsh anyway, subs lose out by not making the team, panellists lose out by not making the subs and guys lose out by not making the panel. In a lot of cases its not cut and dried either, there are often lads who are only on the extended panel that other managers would have on the team, so they have a right to feel aggrieved. But the one thing I found in my time playing was that no one feels particularly put out if a lad comes along that is obviously adding something to the team and gets a place late on.



Crazy, not the time to show one point, only goals.


Highlights on TG4 player. Watched it in work today. That showed a few points :laughing:


And here are the full highlights even if its only 480p


They missed one of the Kilkenny goals though.


Is there any way to get the full tape from tg4 I wonder.


Betamax or VHS?


HA. My parlance is a touch out of date.