Dublin U17 Hurling 2018


That’s the point.


Ummm it’s only unfair if we beat them right? If we beat them year in year out then you could argue the system needs changing but as things stand they win more often then not. They’re not your typical school.


Last week St Aidans were hammered by Wexford’s Good Counsel in leinster u14s football final. Aidans had players from local clubs (whitehall,NaF, Vinnies, B’mun & isles) Good Counsel had 13 different clubs in 1st 15 with players from Carlow, Waterford, 5r6 from kilkenny + Wexford lads. Where’s the fairness in that, plus they won dublin final at end of nov & had to wait moor rest of leinster to play off.


Yea, some of these schools are not like normal schools.


Sorry for ya mate but that is absolutely not true. I’ve said it here before, if your going to make a statement like that, back it up.


Schools are schools. If you get hammered you get hammered.

The delay is our own fault and has gone on for years. We play U14 in September and October while the rest of leinster plays in December and January. We can change but we don’t want to.


It is, we had a game on Sat and I had it confirmed by the opposition that they had a lad missing as well, instruction from county u17 Mgt team.


Under 17’s played in Cork Saturday. There were obviously under 16’s involved.

No one was told not to play football as your other post had it.


I’m being told by Mgt that u16’s were told not to play football, two clubs have said this


Well it’s bulsshit. Name the clubs here. If you don’t want to do that, PM me.


If the 17s are playing games on Saturdays then de facto U16s will not be able to play with their club. Shouldn’t be happening.


Not going to name clubs on here or share in a PM. You seem to have a view from the inside which I don’t. Should be easy to work out, have s look at the hurlers and see who are u16 this year.


I don’t need to work anything out. There was no player ever told not to play football last Saturday. That’s a fact.


Are you involved with the team, I’m going from two mentors from teams that are missing two footballers because they were out with the county u17 hurlers and were told not to play league football but championship will be ok. Are both these people lying??? Why would they lie??


But they didn’t have to be told. If they were playing for Dublin they had no choice. Is that going to be the way of it until they are knocked out? Because that is stopping them from playing with their clubs, Be it hurling or football. And it’s not good enough.


I have no idea why they would say that. But no one told any player not to play football. If the mentors need clarification then maybe they need to talk to the 17 management.

Your original post stated that players were told not to play football. That’s simply not true.


I presume that that reply was for someone else.


That’s all fine Alan. The point here is that folks will be getting the message that under 16 players were told not to play football with their clubs. That is totally incorrect and I’m making sure that is put straight here.


I assume that reply was for me. I have no idea, maybe the u17 Mgt need to be clearer in their instructions to squad re playing for their clubs. You seem to be involved with the IC setup and I’m going by two club men. Maybe the kids misunderstood the instructions and relayed them back to their club mentors incorrectly.


The clubs voted for this last summer. The County Board proposed u17 and u19 club completions but the clubs voted for the status quo and were fully aware of these clashes when they did so.