Dublin U21 Hurling 2016


I wouldn’t put much stock in challenge games.




Carlow v Dublin 2013…


No excuses. It should be a win

Anything less is unacceptable .


That was Shay boland’s term as 21 manager. That team had Danny, costello, Kilkenny, o callaghan, Cronin and many more. One of the poorest results we have ever suffered.
This 21s team are well prepared and have had two good wins against good opposition so I would expect a win.
I hope you copy and paste your comment to the senior section Lone Ranger!


Coming from someone who has had us back up the M11 at half time vs Wexford…


Fully agree, on paper that was a great Team. I think Joe will have them prepared well as he did for previous two games, and I don’t think we’ll let complacency come into it.


That same night Costello, Kilkenny and Boland were parachuted into the team with little or no hurling done, and had no impact on the game.


They had an impact on the game. We lost!!!

With all due respect they were no longer county hurlers and playing them cost us the game vs. a half decent Carlow team.

That game is one of the reasons I would now be pro one code only at minor.


Limerick beat cork this evening in what sounded like a decent match,


Seen that. Limerick racked up a very high score, 3-19 to 2-15.


Limerick would take us with a bit to spare at present. Very impressive I thought last night.


didnt get to see it unfortunately


Limerick got a few scores late to put a bit of a shine on it. But I have been playing or going to games all my life and I find it near impossible to judge how team A would do against team B, when I have only seen team B play team C. If everyone is of a relative standard it is just impossible to know if the winner has done things because they are good, or because they have been let.

Limerick do have Cian Lynch, who is a class act (this is the same guy I assume http://www.joe.ie/uncategorized/video-slightly-piss-takey-but-still-impressive-hurling-freestyle-video-from-limerick/370557 - that is serious stuff by the way). Probably more importantly they do have 10 of the guys from last years winning team. So they will be handy.


Well that’s the thing isn’t it, talking to cork people they domt rate what they saw on that u21 team really except for one or two players. Know that their management team were confident going into the match that they could turn limerick over.


It was closer then I expected to be honest. A Cork team who have done very little at minor versus a Limerick team with 10 of last years AI U21 winners on it, I thought should have been a very handy win. It was comfortable, but not massively so.


Thought Limerick were top drawer! Two very late goals by Cork when Limerick brought on 5 subs only put some gloss on the scoreboard. They will be hard beat again this year.


Hope the lads didn’t empty the tank tonight


Getting closer to a 50/50 . Barrett and Bennett looked wrecked at the end of last night’s game.

Really the onus is on the injured players coming back into the team to perform. If they perform we should win- if they dont this has banana skin written all over it


Barrett & Bennett were outstanding last night, hope they’re both fit for this.