Dublin U21 Hurling 2018


That’s the one.


Some antics by the Galway crowd at the end of normal time. Some sham in a saw doctors esque hat running on to have a go at the ref. Followed shortly after by the Gawlay manager! Clowns. Ref was very fussy in fairness, but bad for both teams.

Unbelievable game though. A phenomenal effort by both teams long in to the night. Were blessed really.


The Galway manager reminded of Bubbles from Trailer Park Boys


He looked deranged at half time for sure. Ridiculous carry on.


Michael Curran was another one, though because he didn’t got to Synger, he played big ball with Crumlin.
Richie was Comerford’s first name?


I think he hurled for Crumlin too.


Ah, you could be right there… for some reason I thought he hurled with Kevins.


That’s the one. Apparantly Michael was asked for a character reference when he requested to join the football club :slight_smile: Richie went on to play football with St Kevin’s with a mate of his as the footballers wouldn’t accept a friend of his who was an inter county footballer (who also didn’t go to the school)


They should probably go somewhere, but at underage in Leinster we have Dublin, Kilkenny, Offaly, Wexford, Laois and a lot of years Westmeath who are competitive. So there is just as good a reason for them to go into Munster as anywhere. This willingness to eliminate the Leinster championship (to the extent that the senior final is being played in Munster with one Connacht team) and not touch the Munster championship is getting to be a bit of a pain the backside…


He was, wasn’t he. Very entertaining throughout…


Originally with St Kevin’s Kilnamanagh, then Kevin’s then Crumlin. A lot of dual players (who didn’t go to the school) moved on from Kevin’s as they couldn’t play for Synger.


He did.


Is that Richie Comerford? Blast from the past. Brilliant hurler.


Yeah. Keep an eye on his two sons and there’s a third coming up the ranks as well.


No thread for the AI U21 championship but just watching the u21 B final here with Derry & Kerry .
A novel pairing even though we know hurling in club has been successful with Slaughtneil in Derry.
Does winning this get you into the main u21 championship ?


I think it’s a choice actually, if you want to be in the A championship you can be. Derry were u21 Ulster champs a few years back I think.


Dalton is causing Wexford all sorts of problems here cork 7 ahead


Reck subbed after 20 odd mins. I would have thought injured but he looked fresh enough. Cork look handy


Cork much the better team so far


Jack O’Connor was destroying him.