Dublin U21 Hurling Championship 2017


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It’s either Mattie Kenny or Anthony Cunningham for me


What about Cunningham’s issues with Galway (I didn’t pay close attention to that so not sure of the story)?


He is experienced though and has a good track record generally


I wouldn’t touch him. As Iv said before it’s too personal for him to avenge the Galway thing and we don’t need another 1/2 year settling in period. Kenny with Fortune for me.


Is it Mcguirk you are talking about here.


He is a proven manager undone by wankers in house which is why Galway are 30 years without an AI
I have no qualms having him in charge


If we had wankers in house like him we wouldn’t be in this mess so long. As I said it’s opinion based. I wouldn’t.


On another note Brennan took some big players off very early last night. It could well have backfired though the young lad who came on got two incredible scores.


Well he was 35 mins from delivering an all Ireland before a players father interrupted the half time team talk to abuse him
He also took garrycastle to a replayed all Ireland club final at football .


Couldn’t believe he took Blanchfield off, he had picked off a few lovely scores and always looked dangerous.


Excellent post. Agree on all counts.


Absolute rubbish.this team is rated and who are the players who wont play?yes they were well beat in a challenge v seniors so what.know aome players have exams but dont kniw if any who qont play.game wasnt great last night but I think it will bring kk on a tonne.


Well donbelly came on and acored 2 super pts only 19.you will get a chance to view mullen in the minor final as he is underage again this year(serious hurler)tommy played well last night and will be a senior player no doubt.


Yeah, that was very strange. The game was far from won when he started it.


Cunnigham would be my pick, proven winner.

Someone to rally around make the hurlers feel relevant again.

The slip back to obscurity under this clown from Cork is criminal.

The year we win our first Club All Ireland the dublin hurling scene should be bouncing.


Seán O Riain was not injured,he was in the stand waiting for the call that never came



That’s shocking


just…doesnt make a lot of sense on what i have seen of him and i know some of the more erudite hurling followers here have even more time for him


Don’t agree with Cunningham I think we have had enough of that name😆 But other sentiments in your post are perfect. I just think going outside outside again means either another 1/2 year settling in. We need someone who knows all these players, not just the cuala ones, inside out involved now.


I can’t understand that.