Dublin U21 Hurling Championship 2017


Let’s leave this to senior thread after they are out :+1:


That because it makes no sense, especially when we needed a goal at the end.


They are good hurlers no question . But there was no JJs , Henry’s , tommys , Richie hogans or tj Reid’s on view last night


Mc guirk was 5 years with his own crew. That’s the problem when you get a manager then into u21 from minor. His opinion will be in favour of the minors
Some of the senior players are just plumb out of form as well . Others not being selected at club level playing last night too.
When you add it up we never had a chance really In hindsight
The other aspect as well we completely over rated the quality of this side . They were well beaten at minor level and well beaten by the same opposition again


one of the joys of u21 is that normally its the pick of 3 years minor teams so the performances of the 3 year previous minors becomes less relevant, rarely though have i seen the youngest minor feeder team supply the bulk of the u21 team unless exceptional talents were there and unfortunately we saw nothing exceptional last night…


Tommy ans richie were standout minors.henry got in fairly young but jj and tj were over 22 when they started to bloom.mullen is a serious player and tommy walsh.will be to.imolets wait until this 21 campaign is over and see the stars come through.also all the ones I have mentioned are better than burke who is seen as a potential star.


in fariness anyone following hurling nationally was aware of Richie Hogan when he was u14, still took him another 10 years to pin his place down


Main reason as he was left with his own age group to mature, develop and improve. They have that liberty but it makes them better players in long run rather than launching some very average minor ones into a senior setup.


Yep - we definitely rush lads through too quickly, but then when you alienate/drop half the panel there’s not much else you can do.


JJ was a starter on the senior team in his first year out of minor an was an automatic selection in his 2nd year when he won an All ireland. A top class hurler is usually on the county senior team by the time they’re 20, the only reason Richie and TJ were not was because they were trying to break into the greatest team of all time


Charlesbababbage your right jj played at 19 v offaly in 2001.as for kk not rushing players through this year is a good example as the 17s with the minors wont play for the 17s unlike dublin where they double up.


A lot of our wides at 21s last year Ranger were down to lads taking pot shots from all over the park. The only clinical Dublin player I’ve seen capable is Chris Crummy. I’m trying to get lads to work a ball into their comfort zone then shoot.
I can remember AJ Murphy hitting some crazy wides last year from distance, yet when he was closer to goal he was popping points from all angles.


Just don’t understand it. Last year u.21 and possibly best ball winner on panel, when you consider who was brought on,and I’m still not being biased…


Not Yet. Thought that Billy Ryan fella was brilliant. @Dubcat51 how old is he?


Billy Ryan was the best player on pitch, can’t believe nobody mentioned him already.
Dublin Hurling will always have the same problems because our hurlers see themselves firstly as athletes and secondly as hurlers…the Kilkennys, Tipps etc. see themselves firstly as hurlers & then try to mix that with athleticism.


While we might have issues with producing top line forwards, really not sure that’s fair. We do have a terrible habit of overreacting when one of our hurling teams lose a match, sure our striking the other night was very laboured at times, but it doesn’t have to be an existential crisis every time a dublin team loses to a top county.


But in fairness it does when it happens 98% of the time :worried:


Minor and u21 Leinster champions 2016. Minors beat Kilkenny and the u21s beat the team that beat Kilkenny. Can’t all be athletes first and hurlers second. Kilkenny can’t be that superior at those age groups to us.


2 lads chased out of the Galway senior set up and you are saying they are good enough for Dublin ? Two career managers who bounce from county to county selling their wares to whoever’ll stump up the cash. Two outsiders with their roots,loyalty,history and traditions based in another county ? Really ? No wonder the senior set up is what it is when the best minds on this forum are continually pushing for outsiders to have the top job in Dublin hurling. There’s plenty of dubs that could take on that role. And before you go on about Kenny and his role in cuala, I’m reminded of another outsider managing crokes to a football all Ireland and landing the football job off the back of it,and look how that ended up for all concerned. Dublin job for a Dublin man and lets see how it goes. Cant be as bad as it is now. Could even succeed. Wouldn’t that be great.


Like Antrim ?