Dublin U21 Hurling Championship 2017


Diamuid Connolly must be the most over-rated hurler in the country.


He trains maybe 5 times a year and plays about 3 games.

Certainly had the ingredients to make a great hurler imo


Pick team with hurlers, even injured ones, something that could line out next year.


Our own are ticked in. All above board and all tick the boxes. Where’s the mavericks…
Billy Morgan,cork, heffo,Dublin, Farrell,Galway. Cody,Kilkenny. ODwyer,Kerry
The game is littered with passionate left fielders who are insanely committed to their county. Why the ■■■■ do we doff the cap and look for guidance from our country cousins. Absolute bollox. Sorry for the language. Anyone offended can request a safe space.


No. Strawberry picker. ( oh the lack of humanity )…


not a breeze, and i’m not offended I’m stunned that anyone who states they want to improve Dublin hurling can have such a narrow blinkered view


@abc123 getting sick of you now. Either give us your suggestions for a Dublin born management team or shut up.


Shutte o Donnell callaghan
Kelly rushe crummy
Cronin Mcmorrow Danny
Trollier shutte Burke/ryan

Left loads out but just thoughts …


When did you see him last ?


Plays for the fenians hes 20 I think.


Ryan plays for Graigue Ballycallan, Eddie Brennan’s own club.


Very good player. Slight but great man to move and score.


Potential to be a good side that.

One individual who I think can be a star for this Dublin team is cian boland. If he can put his injuries behind him he would be a massive plus. Best position for him though ?!


Learn how to strike without getting hooked :blush:


I thought Kilkenny were way more up for it. Definitely seemed to be some sort of hangover from a lot of the senior players. Our striking is so laboured compared to the top counties, how many times were we blocked, hooked or even shouldered and coughed up possession. When we get bottled up as well we never seem to have the skills or the strength to handpass a ball to the nearest player on our team. The better counties can deal with that pressure without loosing possession. I thought Hendricken looked pretty good…potential senior material. Barrett is a prototype of what people see Dublin hurlers as being…an athlete with limited stick work, although he is a decent player, he had poor night. Conroy, o dea and whitely all mixed the really god with the bad…won possession well and at times gave it away cheaply…i think they are all pretty good hurlers, who have good stick work and can win their own ball. Donal Burke looked exhausted, he could barely run and seems to lack pace…he has good skill and can win the ball…somewhere in the full forward line is where he influences the game most…lets hope whoever is in charge next year manages his talent better at senior level. Mcbride showed elements of real quality…while he had a few bad wides… he has pace, can win his own ball in the air or on the ground and can create space to shoot…he really carried the fight in the second half. While we didn’t play well, when the dust settles on the senior team…this u21 team will contribute 3 good ball winning forwards to the senior team in Mcbride, Conroy and Burke…anything more than that is a bonus.


Agree. He was best at wing forward for 21s but needs to shake those injuries soon as they add up.


Conroy and Barret were very poor last Sunday and Wednesday night. I couldn’t believe they left Barret on. He got absolutely destroyed by Ryan.


Didn’t surprise me that some of the senior lads were below par on weds night. Playing a senior IC championship game just 72hours previous and to have to go out and perform against Kilkenny was a very unfair postition for these young guys to be in. It’s not only the physical effect of the match in tullamore but also the mental side of things too that would have taken its toll. Kilkenny boys fresh as daisies going into the game and would have had all last weekend to prepare for the dubs.


Agree, it’s ridiculous scheduling


Fair point. They were just as poor against Galway last Sunday. Doesn’t take away from the fact that when you have 5/6 lads on the line and a couple up in the stand, they can’t see what’s right in front of them. And Barret and Ryan literally played in front of our line for 30 minutes. Never a change made. Last Sunday, you could have seen what Canning was doing from the moon, yet we done nothing about that either.

Conroy should have been on the edge of the square in both games for me. Against a more experienced wing back, he struggles. I’d love to know who is marking him in the training games. I’d hope it’s rushe or crummy or someone who is going to horse him out of it. Otherwise he won’t learn.

I have to say it again lads, the fact that Sean ORian didn’t make it onto the field is just incredible when you look at some of the subs that were made. And he wasn’t injured and has been going well with his club.