Dublin U21 Hurling Championship 2017


Kelly’s finished. Unfortunate reality.


Hope not. Plagued by injuries but him back to 70/80 per cent even of what he was would be huge for us.


The 21s last year got so much out of Sean. He was a constant threat for them. Thought he was injured Wednesday as it was crying out for him. Agree also on the lack of reaction. How many people did they need on the line to see that.


One of our best ever players in his day but I think he’s done. Injuries and time caught up with him. Average club player now.


I’m not sure he has played any level of hurling since injuries to term him that but the later part of the year will tell more if involved with club.


was on his way back from that bad injury but picked up a hamstring injury - hopefully can get back for lucan later this year.


Seems a strange decision alright - especially if he’s going well for the club. :grin:


Pretty strong team that - I’m going to pick this conversation up again when the Summer is over.


Good team KK but were there for the taking. We have some excellent hurlers but we played like a team that was put together the night before!!. Surprised more of the 2nd and 3rd year 21s did not start. O RIan definitely should have been on very surprised with some of the substitutions in 2nd half or maybe not!!


Basically it’s what happens when you blow up a successful U21 management team just to keep your total failure of a senior
manager happy. The amount of last year’s minors who played some part on Wednesday was absolutely ridiculous when you bear in mind who was available and not playing.


There is no guarantee Danny will be at the same pitch he once was . The jury is out .
I just can’t see Kelly getting back from that injury . Awful shame - one of our best ever


Do we have a list of who were the others bar Sean O Riain . A lot of the other 2nd/ 3rd year 21s were pants as well


No because you’ll dismiss them all and I’m not in the mood for an argument.


True we’ll have to see, what happens with them both. Maybe the break will have done them both good, if they can get up to speed again.


I’d be interested to see a list to reference the argument you’re making because the overall performance was so so poor


O’Dea should have started. Ditto Ryan. And McHugh. Sean McCaw of Vins is starting senior for the club the last two years. All older, more experienced and in many cases starters from last year. Instead we had six first years start and two more come on. Recipe for disaster.


We were muscled off the ball a fair bit, which is the danger of picking so many younger lads. Who else might have started?

Edit - nevermind see it above


O Dea did start? Sean gray and Mark Mccallion from crokes last year would have impacted a swell. As would Chris Bennett.


Is Mccaw u21?Very impressed in club championship by him.


I’d agree on Ryan and Mc Caw. Especially in the latter where some guys who started don’t start at senior level for their clubs . As I said during the week I doubt Kilkenny were the same in that regard during the week.
Mc Hugh always looks like a footballer to me. Personally I think he was better at it