Dublin U21 Hurling Championship 2017




Centre/wing back/full back . Big unit. Didn’t know he was u21.


He didn’t. Came on for Conor Burke.


Wing back for Vins this year…one of their best players in the two championship games. Played centre back last year and also full back at times. Played corner back for DCU this year. Very versatile from corner back to midfield. Was shocked not to see him playing.


Obviously somewhat biased. But it’s totally daft that he didn’t start.


He’s been there a few years don’t think he ever started a game . I’d say he’s too old now . Surprising because he does stand out in the club championship for Vincent’s
Overall the current u21 management shouldn’t be given another outing . With so many senior players tired from the senior game - we should have started as old a team as possible .


see this is my issue with straight knock out, one game and you’re done, no chance to learn from it and make changes.


It was a hell of a gamble to go with so many young players . These arent in the league of Shane Kingston, Fitzgibbon and a few others like Cork have


That was McHugh. O’Dea started - and unfortunately struggled a bit I felt.


O Dea started. Mchugh came on for Burke. What was most interesting was that 0 of the 6 forwards from 2014 minor started.


Sorry. Memory not what it used to be. Sure the entire half forward line plus Currie are first year 21s. Good players but too young to all start together.

In fact Donal Burke started full forward with McBride midfield so that’s five of six first years starting in the forwards.


Jaysus. Little wonder were were getting shouldered off the ball a bit too easy at times. McBride was pretty useful playing ff line in the second half - has he played there much?


O’Dea wasn’t fully fit but I felt he gave a good account of himself. McCaw should have started.

McHugh was the only sub that made any sort of difference.


Seanie has been outta hurling for almost a year now with concussion related stuff.

McCallion, I believe backed off to concentrate on study and trying to get senior hurling with Crokes… can’t blame the lad for that.


Fair enough then, sometimes there are honest valid reasons but how a player would put club senior ahead of arguably his last chance of a county jersey leaves question marks over the player and the management


I think it was genuinely down to the study, but from what I heard he wasn’t making the Crokes starring 15. A lot of that was down to time away from them with colleges and county panels. I’ve mentioned it elsewhere lads, but the commitment given by some of these young lads is massive.


Would those lads have played for Joe Fortune?


I agree with you and hadn’t counted in the college commitments. I personally felt lads would throw everything at u21 as most know they won’t make senior intercounty. It wasn’t a personal hit on MCallion but an observation on 2q year old son in general. I wouldn’t know yhd lad if he was in same room as me

In my day majority were working at 21


It’s a reasonable question.


I agree, that is too young a set up for u21s. Similar to the u21 football team that lost to Longford a few years ago, they were also v young. Although, in fairness to management, I came to that opinion at half time on Wednesday and not before the game.

Although it sort of goes without saying that if first year u21 is too young for u21, it is crazily too young for senior.