Dublin U21 Hurling Championship 2017


It is not too young for some . It’s case by case . Only Donal Burke is good enough this year


There are exception for sure but as a rule picking a Whole line of lads on first year at that grade is risky


Kk vs westmeath on Tg4 tonight. 4-4 at present. We struggled in the first half against them last year until Bennett got great scores. This year may we’ll be a real chance of an all ireland appearance lost with the players we had available.


Can someone explain to me why we had to play 3 days after the senior game? Seriously?


It’s always been the way in Leinster since I can remember. Not enough of an excuse in it itself.


@Dubcat51 Lyng is a fine player.


Westmeath a point ahead - would be some result to beat kk two years in a row. long way to go yet of course.


Cats won by 10 in the end. Was only three in it with four minutes left. Westmeath really battled.


Kk beating Wexford by 8 at ht. Pity we let this one slip against them for various reasons including team selection on the night… We’d have gotten momentum and beaten Wexford imo. Semi is against Antrim too, who haven’t started training yet.


Only come across this tonight. I suggested a few Dublin born lads that would make a fine management team before and no now debated it. If you cant keep up don’t take your inner anger out on me. If it interests you at all go check it out and get back to me,good lad.


Leahy looks a real talent. Donnelly not bad either


you ,I’m only coming across these tonight. You say I haven’t a breeze. Good lad . Btw, Kenny was let go to keep Cunningham in a job,nothing to do with a personal disagreement. The players wanted them all out. The compromise was Kenny walked. You should get your facts right Breezy. And again,as I posted above,i put forward names that no one debated so again if you can’t keep up you should really lay off the childish stuff. It really is a lost cause at this stage.


Kk very impressive in the end putting up a big score against poor opposition.


What might have been …


Kilkennys ability to catch high ball, most of it 50/50, and particularly in their forward line was exceptional.


Good match here between cork and Waterford.


Waterford 2 up and hit two terrible wides


Crazy peno to give away in the 5th minute of injury time and cork score it to win it by one. Nothing between the teams and yet if cork go on to the ai there’ll be huge expectations of further success.


When a county gets s run it’s mad what luck they get


Not quite … Mayo haven’t won Sam for 66 years (incl this one) and yet they win the Euromillions