Dublin U21 Hurling Championship 2017


Great game. Possible quadruple Munster Championship for Cork.


Possible but Limerick look awesome in their wins over Tipp and Clare . Darragh Fitzgibbon misses the final


Stupid tackle on his part. Missed limerick game, heard played brilliant stuff.


Don’t know if tg4 do a player but with checking out. They are a serious outfit in my opinion. Could be a repeat of 2014 minor final with Kilkenny


Wasn’t a penalty. Just watched it as was on shift work last night. Caught ball three times before that foul. 21 yard free at most. What a way to lose a game. Those red jerseys have their tails up🤢


They were very lucky, thought the ref let their defenders manhandle the waterford lads a lot more then vice versa. not sure where the 5 minutes injury time came from?

Great to see John Meyler close to tears afterwards (as the winning manager) and admit they they kinda robbed Waterford.


Very emotional Meyler, all part of our great game. How’s the Deise No. 11? All he wanted was a row.


I think Kilkenny might nick this all Ireland


Limerick will have a say yet - well, they appear to be the form team always hard to know who is at what at this level.


IMO the first and second fouls occurred outside the area so penalty decision was incorrect. Am amazed Waterford were so gallant…maybe they were just in total and utter shock?


All Ireland semi HT Kilkenny 5-12 Derry 0-04 … ah sure it’s a great experience for the Derry lads …


6.18 now. Awful for Derry. This is wrong.


6-21 to 4 at 39 minutes with Kilkenny not really trying hard.I’m sure they would have preferred a closer match going into the final. Derry goalie has just been substituted.


8-35??? It could be anything. It’s worse than the women’s rugby …

Kilkenny don’t look like they’re not trying to me … look like they’re trying too hard.


But they’ll baulk at any other structure suggestion . Why counties want to be hammered like this is beyond me


Ulster team out. Leinster and Munster runners up play off for the fourth semi final place.

That was a total joke.


[quote=“Dub09, post:418, topic:1214”]
8-35??? It could be anything.[/quote]



I don’t know Bart. I don’t think the players would argue with change. The basic problem is the provincial system and delegates won’t change what suits them.


Something needs to change.


Second semi is a cracker - 2-17 each after 48 mins