Dublin U21 Hurling Championship 2017


That’s Championship! Or should be …


Not for giving up your entire life . It’s purgatory not a pastime


It’s u21 …


It’s no way to develop players :yum:


It’s perfick …


Mr B - young player burnout is (rightly) one of your big hobby horses and here you are advocating more games for young lads who are already playing senior, club, colleges etc.

U21 format is perfect. It’s only really a hallway competition anyway and is perfectly served by its knockout format.

Ps Nor can I see how Derry would be served by two hammerings


I would remove senior players from u21 and then play both grades on the same day


100% agree. If your under 21, on senior panel and play senior your ineligible for under 21.
Like club level, if you play senior you don’t play junior


Delighted that they lost after what they did to Derry. There was no need.


Joe Fotunes 2nd year in charge they started training in late October & lost their only championship game the following May/June. They probably trained/played games about 80-100 times to play 1 competitive game…now that’s madness.
U21 county teams shouldn’t be allowed train until the New Year at least.


The ban is unenforceable at senior level . Unless the threat is there to hit county boards in their pockets it’s a waste of time


Biggest issue here @Stickman is the state of our Club U.21’s Champo. We’ve spoken before on here about it, but, what’s the County U.21 manager to do when the Club games are finished by end Nov, apart from lads playing Senior with their Clubs, he doesn’t get to see potential players until New Season starts, and has to rely on Training, Challenge Matches etc.

Dublin U.21 Champo should be held 1st at start of March, or run over a long weekend.


My problem is lads consistently missing training with their clubs adult teams because they’re “out with Dubs tonight”. A large portion of these players won’t play a minutes championship hurling.


I understand the sentiment of your point but is the scenario Kilkenny’s fault? Some lads were playing for their (final) places when playing Derry.


I am sick of that argument. It could be used with under 10s. As an organisation, this was brought in on a systemic basis by Kilkenny, and it needs to stop.


Not the fault of the KK players, mentors, etc.


U21 county hurling teams not supposed to begin collective training before March 1st. But like many other rules it is ignored.

We don’t do law and order in the GAA.


So who has responsibility so?


The system, as you said.
As I said, I agree with a lot of what you said. But you cannot blame young lads of that age for the system


What are you on about?