This is a light-hearted thread on the way Dubs say things. It can involve words, sentences, sayings, accents etc plus things that used to be said but are no longer. We are allowed to gently slag ourselves too!


I’ll start off with ’ Ya better believe it’ and ‘Now ya have it’ which we use to show agreement- I think!


Get up the yard…

Get out a dat garden…


Go wan ta fcuk!


‘Ask me brown’ but me favourite is ‘c’mere to me’

Love talking to me uncle like an older brother always signs of our conversations ‘right you be’


‘Would of had’ or ‘could of had’ instead of the correct would or could have had. This is not necessarily native or unique to Dublin and has been used as far away as Connecticut.


This is a deadly thread


“Do you know where the five lamps are?”
“Go hang yar b*****s on them.”


“I will in me b*****s!”.


“I will in me Swiss!”


“I broke me hole laughing “

“Who’s the head lar around here ?”


Brian Kerr’s commentary is full of Dublinisms. He’s great craic
Kerr chat


Bleedin’ deadly!


Ask me bollix


Ah hee-or!


The tide wouldn’t take her out.
I wouldn’t give her the steam off my piss.


Hard chaw. Honestly have no idea where it came from (and it seems to be dying out) but it’s a great description of a bowsie.

Also love the term ‘wagon’ when applied to a dislikeable lady, you can really give it socks dragging the ‘w’ to express the depth of your contempt for her.


I’ve a ton of these but I can never remember them

A walking bitch
The greatest ■■■■■■■ that ever stepped out/wore shoe leather
Segotias (always ould)
An awful looking ibeck (Or ibeck, the mother used this but she grew up in limerick so may not be dublinese)

The Shakespearian terms for describing things that are of poor quality:
Cat Melodeon

Family favourites:


Going On the hop
I’m having a hop
My ma used to say ‘he or she has a complex’


Not PC at all, but “he’ll have an eppo when he finds out”!!!

Meaning “have a fit!”