Need a separate thread for Dublexicisms


G’wan te jaysus ya thick!


Scrab her! I’ll reef outta ya if I get me bleedin hands on ya…


I learned him how to ride a bike.


Bleedin’ massive! This film is on YouTube if anyone interested! It gave me a new Dublinism- ‘I don’t believe this!’


Heard a lad say that his ankle was “swolt” before, instead of swollen…:roll_eyes:


“How did the match go?”
“We won them by a goal”


“Are ye lookin at me or chewin a brick ?”


I’m sick of being blemt on tha!


It wasn’t me will ya


Brian Kerr just now

‘He turned into him there and got a bang off his elbow right in the snot’.

Then after the goal

‘it was just a little dribbler of a shot’


Was it painin’ him?


It was killin’ him!

I was killt wi’ de tiredness/cold etc.

All de bleedin’ way!

The chap. Alrigh’, alrigh’, leave i’ ou’, the chap is only doin 'is best!


Inserting a “curse” within another word…
“A Ford Mon-bleedin’-deo!”.


Just on the inner city people moving out to the wild suburbs.

My Grandfather used to always tell us the story of when he and his family were moving out of the tenements on Henrietta St to Cabra. He said all the neighbours on Henrietta St came out to wave them off, most of them in tears. Nobody ventured too far in them days. It was like they were moving to Australia and to the locals on Henrietta St they might as well have been. It would have been 1933. I always found that hilarious, neighbors crying waving you off as you moved a 20 min walk away


What about threatening people with the last part of their sentence?


“I’m just going for a few pints”
“I’ll bleeding few pints ye”

Is this unique to Dublin?
It works with anything, try it there :joy:


In the old smoking days

Got a match?
Your face and my arse


“Any odds?”


Got a light/the time?


Seconds, drag, but