Or how about ‘windits’…I’ll smash your bleedin windits in!!

Or a ‘turdinover’…gorgeous bread you had to cut yourself


‘Cully Sack’

As in where does Mary leave?

The last house on the left up the Cully Sack


We pronounced it “Culdi sack”


If he does that again i’m going to break him up.


I’ll knock your block off


I think the default reply to that was

Ya will in yer bollix…


Not when your Da said he’d knock your block off!


Of course! You would say I’m telling me ma!


or…you and who’s army?


Yeah that aswell!


Curly Sac…surely!


There was one “around the corner” from me .
Always heard it referred to as Culdi Sac .


She’ll have a conniption!

On staying out for a few jars - a bird never flew on one wing.


“Me throat’s a fire hazard”. Was that ever really a saying?

Anyone used “Me auld segotia” yet? Listen pal…you’re a topper. Listen son…


Ya probably had to grow up in a pure dub household to hear that !
Me old friend ?


St. Stephenses Day.


Has anyone ever found out what class of an article an old segotia actually is & why it is a form of endearment? Is it an Anglization of summat’ ?




If me granny had a boll*ix she would be me granda


Thanks for sharing that, Growing up I was always refereed to as Ah me aul Segotia by a granduncle of mine (if granduncles are a thing)… I knew it was a compliment because you’d always get called it with a big laugh and smile I just never knew what it really was. He was the biggest Dub fan I knew he was pals with the best of them and brought me to meet the likes of Jimmy Keaveney amongst others. He passed away just before they announced the plans to redevelop the current stadium and I remember going to his grave and telling him about the new plans with the picture from the herald of the scaled model of the new stadium in my hand… this probably belongs in the childhood memories thread, Ah sure he won’t mind which thread its in will ya “Me old Segotia”