Probably not a dublinism but i remember when the old man would get thick with me , hed say

" listen here bucky harrison "
Maybe its a country thing .


My dad had a few:
Better out than in
He got that from drinking out of damp glasses
Any port in a storm
More Tea Vicar (when he farted which he did a lot)


Having a p*ss in peregrines one day after a match. Two oul lads in there using the other urinals. One let a real rasper. His mate, quick as flash and in a real monotone voice, ‘that sounds great since ya got it fixed’, while staring at the wall. We all just broke our bollox laughing.




From me da: “mind the bones” whenever you were about to do anything remotely risky… “it’ll be all right before you are twice married” (in the days before divorce, that did nothing to reassure me) “he’d take a drink off a sore leg” “she’s a fine lump” and “she’s hot in her leather” (regarding a scantily clad young wan)


When travelling to or from a game on the bus and someone let a loud one rip, the standard response was “Ah jaysus, take them off and we’ll all shite in them”

and if the pong was extremely bad “there must be something dead up there” was often heard


Keep Sketch…




And in school it was Sketch, the Master.


Was just thinking of this, uniquely Dublin rhyming slang

You obviously have Jo Maxi, The Daniel Day, being a bit on the kildare side

But I think the likes of Jeyes fluid, rum and butters might not be English Rhyming Slang

Sally has to be Dublin too but it’s not strictly rhyming slang


I was sent down to the van (cos Ballymun) to buy fags for the oul lad when I was about 10, asked for Sweet Afton “Ah here young fella, I’m not selling ye them, they’ll kill ye. Would ye not try John Player Blue”?

People looked out for each other back then :rofl:


Often heard called Jaysus Fluid


Just up in the Dorset St office getting the Omagh PP riot gear & ticket. Stopped in the seriously old skool newsagents on Buckingham St. Big sign behind the till said “Under no circumstances can credit be given for cigarettes.” :smiley:

Owner was measuring out cola bottles into a small bag for a couple of kids. As many as they could get for 50p. Some things never change !

(Buying cola bottles that is. Not being refused credit for fags.)


Any odds ?


Ah Yoda you’re a gas man (and your father’s a shillin’)


You’re a gas man - your father must’ve been a cylinder.


Jackanory - When somebody was spoofing


For ■■■■ sake why are ya eating da head of me for?


I knew him when he didn’t have a sole on his show or an arse in his trousers! And look at him Now!


Cock o’ the walk!