He’d get up on a back rasher.


I’d rather be up on a murder charge!


Wouldn’t get up on her to get over a wall

The tide wouldn’t take her out


If I’d a garden full of mickeys I wouldn’t let her look over the wall…

He’s a head like a bag of chisels


How’s your gee for cracking nuts?
(apparently a chat up line in the 70s)


Is ‘make a bags of it’ a Dublinism (the oul fellah used to say it) or an Irishism?


Your only a poxbottle


If I’d a lorry load of mickeys I wouldn’t let her scut on the back of it.


Hope the feminists aren’t reading this thread, resDubs could be shut down !


They ll have to get in the queue ( at the back of course)


What are ye gawking at?


Some more common that others…a lot of these are used by my parent in-laws

Whisht = keep quiet
Clean aff = brutal
As full as a sheugh = drunk
Cub = young boy
Cutty = young girl
Quare gunk = shock
Terra = terrible
Middlin = so-so
Sky = when you want to blame someone, e.g. for narrowing a pitch


“Gis a goozer” was one my da used to say to my ma, meaning “excuse me young lady, could I trouble you for a kiss” and they were 6th generation Dubs with no culchie blood at all, so assuming it was a Dublinism!!



Wonder if he got the same scowl as I get once I ask something similar ?


It’s obviously a genetic thing, my missus does the same thing!


Lol. I feel your pain.

I might’ve said that last year outside CP, we saw a young couple wearing different GAA jerseys holdings hands. Think one might have been Mayo actually.

When I remarked on it…I was told we weren’t teenagers anymore.

Moral of the story - never waste your cash taking a woman to Dublin looking a court.


Don’t know if this was covered " Ah he’s a face only a mother could love…"


Similar to ‘you couldn’t like ye if ye reared ye’.


I played this for the kids today… They where trying to mimick the accents. All kind of weird


A wil’ handlin - Minor / major inconvenience.
Boggin’ - dirty

(As per Mrs WiFi)