he’s that mean he wouldn’t swap his shite for curran cake
as long as he is the short turr’n is in him,
oh that fella, he’s more R than F


I wouldn’t get up on that one to get over a wall


I’ll pull yer trousers down and box yer ears
If you’s are goin to hang around here yis better ■■■■ off
you didn’t come home last night till this mornin


I think I’m in there! :wink:

Rob the shirt off yer back.
Steal your grave.


You’d get up on the crack of dawn .


she’s a head like a melted basin or
a face like a well slapped arse


that’s a dirt bird that fella, he’d get up on a slow punture


He would rob the eyeballs outta yer head and come back for yer eyelashes


:laughing: :clap: Deadly bud, lovely


I do love the expressions

It’s pissin rain…
A shower of bastards

There use to be this mad oul one on our road, she’s dead now God love her but she got into a row with another neighbour and in response to an accusation she screamed at the neighbour ‘ask me crack’ it took us 10 year olds a few weeks to figure that one out.


After My Left Foot came out, every penalty award in Dalymount or Tolka was greeted by a strangled cry of “let Christy take it”


My niece was at the Dublin premiere of Lincoln, with Daniel Day Lewis himself in attendance. There was total silence at the end of the Gettysburg Address - the pivotal moment in de fillum, where everyone is supposed to be wowed by DDL’s Oscar worthy performance. Until some Dub wit shouted out ‘Good man Christy’ and the place just erupted. The niece said DDL was less than impressed. :joy:


‘Git’ (as in a nickname for anyone called ‘Christy’)


Remember when the movie Alexander the Great starring Colin Farrell came out.
Dubs started calling it Alexander the Deadly.


Loved all the Irish accents in that . Ere Alexander lets invade fuckin Persia the bleeding wankers( slight exaggeration)


Not sure if was a Dublin one or one we just used to use among ourselves to describe how you were feeling
Hungry as a baztard, Tired as a baztard etc etc


Up your Swiss


You will in yer Swiss.

Sorry to tell alot of people but quite a few of the sayings posted here are British in origin, especially Cockney.


Quare hawk !


The state of yer wan.
State of your man’s shoes.