get up the yard.

do you want your go?

my dad had one which (as well as jesus christ tonight) i often use.

F**kin hoorin jaysys thing!


“Pain in me hoop”.
“She’s a fûckin’ ride”.
“Give it over, will ya?”
“A shot, he missed, he must be fûckin’ pissed”.


“A shot, he missed, he must be fûckin’ pissed”.

Reminds me of the hill singing ‘he’s fat, he’s round, his arse is on the ground, it’s Colm O rourke’ to Leitrims favourite son…

Also, Brian Kerr during the penalty shoot out a few minutes ago, ‘he just stepped up and hit it, ger out of dat…’


"Look at the big mulchie head on him " Dub fan remarked about Meath fan.:grin:




Chinwag… Love that expression.


State of yer wan.


She’s a pure bowler…


Did ya get da ride?


That as well :grin:


Did she let ya drop the hand?
(Or he depending on your persuasion)



(I’m from Barcelona)


Ask me bollix


How’s yer Ma


Yer ma… What did you say about my ma?

Ya durt burd.

His a pure tea leaf.

Gur cake…
… For gurriers


Bowler hat…tea leaf ???

I genuinely have no idea what language you are speaking.

Are you sure you aren’t trying to pollute the purity of our fair city with bogtrotter Meathisms?


Ya never heard of a bowler? A tea leaf?

Bowler - ugly girl
Tea leaf - thief

Must be a localized blanchero slang.

Try googling


Thanks for translation. No. Had never heard of either.

Blanchero/Meath is, pretty much the same thing these days, no?


No blanch is in Dublin meath is in mordor. No?

Anyone else ever hear of the expression bowler or am I on my tobler?


My da used to refer to the dog as a bowler at times, I presume that’s what was intended in referring to the not so pretty ladies…