Correct! She’s a dog… Bowler not a nice way to describe a lady but that was the slang


Yes to both @JJF


Yes to tobler :+1:


Bowler 100%. Think it’s the spelling that has them confused? Pronounced boweler.

Probably used more nowadays than ever before!


Yeah that’s the one savio cheers.


Nowadays. Lovely dublinism expression. I’m browned off.


Wait til your father gets home!
If you break your leg, don’t come running to me!
A face like a bulldog chewing a wasp!


Where does it come from 'tho?

Is there a connection to bowler hats?



Is that like ‘havin a bennier’


Anyone remember the cartoon of that name?


Not to sure but according to this site http://www.jackeen.com/jackeen_files/slang/slang.htm#b

Bowler (rhymes with Cow-ler) (n): dog/ugly person


I’m going out for a few Arthur Scargills :beer:


I remember the theme tune but I cant remember much else - it was animated. I know it was very funny at the time.


Was creamed this morning, took me ages to get out of the scratcher…


Mug of scald.
Little beaut.
Doing a line.
Going steady.
Moi Jaysus. Jesus, Mary and Joseph.
Hungry c**t.
On the noggin.
Help de Halloween party!
Shag off, shagged out.
I sweaaar! I’ll be dug ourra ya!
Ya thick!
Drink up yer dinner!
I’m havin me tea.
Losing your shit.
Ya scaldy bollix!
Ya spa!


“Mug of scald”.

The Da’s most frequently used expression.


What was the Gushie again?

Have a vague recollection of of marbles from the 80’s and a big marble was called a ‘scungie’ or something like that? Anyone else remember that?


Big marble was a gullier.


few beers and your ‘gee eyed’

‘thundering c.unt’ to describe some unpleaseant ladies is a nice one to use also


yep, one of the times it was repeated was during the den. after one episode zig and zag started complaining that it was too serious and they were kids and wanted kids shows. it didnt last much longer after that, but it was interesting how two muppets gave an insight into the workings of RTE.

a bit like the sunday game.