Mind the trams


It’s bleedin’ rapih (with a ‘h’) you unmitigated Glasnevin toff you !


There seems to be a few sleveens knocking about on this site in the last few days.


Some Dubs also stick a t on the end of some words, such as cousin, which becomes cousint!

I’ve always liked the real city centre Dublin accent. It sounds much better than the fcuking annoying “I was like totally” Dorsh accent.

Exhibit A:


Believe it or not my ma was in that school class. Around the corner from Gardiner street


Ah fair play!


She moved from Gardiner street in the 70’s out to the wild west took her years to get used to it.


That happened a generation of people from town and some never got used to it.
Funny the way we call it ‘town’. I really like that. When I hear the Cnuts on the stupider radio stations saying things like ‘At four o clock in the city, I’m Eamonn Torsney…’ I feel like getting an Ak and running amok! They are not Dubs, regardless of where they were born. It’s town and that’s it.


Yeah my ma still says I’m going into towen…


I’ve always noticed how syllables have their own Dublin pronunciation.

Spoon becomes spoo-in.

Poem becomes pome.

Home becomes ho-em.

Moon becomes moo-in.


Were blemmers called lammers too?
Has gear been mentioned. As in that new BMX you got is Gear.
And yeah it was always gettin the bus into town.


…going to the flicks tonight


Chung wan/fella.


Same with my Ma. Grew up in the shadow of Croke Park, with town on her doorstep. Hated the isolation of where she and the Da wound up in the Badlands of Glasnevin North.


I still call it the pictures my son can’t get his head around that? The cinema? Pictures?


Ah remember that that’s gear! Abd then it became a more sinister meaning. Another memory is Skill and knowledge and for some reason you would breath on yer fingers nails as if to polish them don’t ask me where that came from…


And the horror movie was the haunted picture👻


Yeah it took my mam a long time to get her head around living near working farms… no shops. No bus service. Only thing was there where lots of neighbours in the same boat. She would never leave now. She was lucky she left Talbot street to go home to Gardiner street twenty minutes before the bombs went off in 74.


Salem’s lot. Still can’t watch it!


That yoke crashing through the window, landing in the corner and then …morphing into the vampire. Change of underwear needed after that!