White dog shite? Dont see yhat any more.


Did the lockhards go out of business with the introduction of power steering in cars? :sunglasses:

Was there any truth in the story about a punter turning down a lockhard’s offer to ‘mind’ his car, as he was leaving his dog in the car. The lockhard’s response was ‘can your dog put out fires mister?’


We use to get a skut off the back of the milk truck doing the rounds in the estate.
Yeah I remember white poo from dogs, we were told it would blind us if it got in our eyes.
Summer was great, heading out after breakfast and been told to come back when you were hungry.
Playing rounders and breaking for tea when we were called in - there were 6 of us - cricket robbed that term from us
Playing 9 lives with a tennis ball on the road
Playing tennis during Wimbledon with a rope tied across the road and having to lower it every time a car came.
We used to play golf too on the greens outside our house too - how we never smashed any windows I’d never know. We even had proper greens!


The Dubs also use the word ‘The’ unusually at times. ‘John plays the soccer but he loves the Gaelic too’. ‘What are yez doing for the Christmas?’


Still haunted by Johnny and Parrot?


Spread out in a bunch
The Tide wouldn’t take her out
Wouldn’t get a kick in a stampede


“Come in, yar dinner’s poured out”.


One that does my head in, may not be exclusively Dublin, is when people turn into Yoda when trying to say that something has “got nothing to do with…X…”
instead they say “its nothing got to do with tha”…


Double negatives…

“Isn’t it not?”


Lockhards still going strong around Croker. Theres a real lockhard down the canal on the way to the north strand, has the limp and all!


God only knows what these are…

Amn’t I only after going…into town and lost me purse
Amn’t I only after telling you…it’s coddle again for the dinner.



I went to the ezoo on me hondit 50 to see the efelents and rigaffs.


She / He has a face that would turn milk sour.

She / He has a face like thunder.

She / He has a face only a Mother could love.

She / He looks like a Camel chewing a wasp.


Your aulwan is a brazer

U2? If they were playing in me garden I’d pull the bleedin curtins.


That well known Dub Bill Shankly…


They actually come from Irish, Believe it or not! That language is in the order that you might say it in Irish. Same as in Irish, there is a continuous present tense but there isn’t one in English which is why we say ‘I do be …’


These, the likes of, well, “the likes of”, and “would you ever give me over the butter?”, “the press” (for a cupboard), and many many more are what’s known as Hiberno English - direct translations from Gaelic, that is, word for word but not the same grammatical structure etc because it’s different in both languages and some words don’t exist in both languages, which came about because poorer people in Ireland back in the day often didn’t get to learn properly, in fact were banned from proper learning. (Hence the Hedge Schools etc).


Well, that’s me tolt so.


Shurrup you! We learnt proper, so we did!