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Will walk from Finglas Bridge to Croker. No booze before match but will make up for that afterwards in Mulligans and if still able to stand, the Gravediggers.
:soccer: then :beers:


Diggers too … hopefully … love me tapas me


I’ll be there, working. So no ticket needed. I’m hoping I can take my break at 4.30, so I’ll get out to see the guts of the second half and see Clucko lift Sam for the 4th time.

If I wasn’t working, I’d be mainlining Valium outside the Clonliffe House. Love standing there to watch the Dubs bus go past. Really makes the already badly frazzled nerves go into hyperdrive. Then leg it up to get a decent spot on the Hill behind the goal. Then usually into Meaghers for the afters. Then into our favourite Italian restaurant in town for a spot of grub. Then home in time for Up For The Match. Always had to get up very early in the Monday morning. Still do. :flushed:


Heroin, ticket, jacks roll. If you’re carrying more than that to a game your life is too complicated.


Can’t fookin wait!!


The eagle has landed back from Belgium for the weekend!


Well I hope you brought some daycint chocolate back with you - and you plan on sharing it on the Hill on Sunday - or you can piss right off back there again so…:rofl:


Fair play and a bummer that ya have to work but bills need to paid regardless of AI.

I’ll be departing the lovely town of Navan with other economic refugees to our grand capital and willing with all my being for a win.


Ah, there are far worse places to have to earn a crust. These days, I chit chat with Aoghan O’Fearghail, far more than I do my own family. :roll_eyes:


Ooooh will I see you in the AC?


Up for the Match is on Saturday, isn’t it?
Heading to Mulligans on Poolbeg Street for a couple then walk up to Croker try get our usual barrier on the Hill then Clearys on Amien Street for the sweetest, creamiest, celebratoray pints of the year.


All starts with everyone around the telly for Up for the Match tonight, the fry in the morning then Off to the Annesley House for bout 1.00, 1.15, want to be in me seat at about 2.30/2.40, post match not decided maybe hit Lloyds then into town to dance the night away or scramble back for the Sunday game with a ruby


Generally I chose pubs that won’t have many opposition fans on final day - ( I go out of my way to avoid Mayo people or any opposition on the day which is why I go to hill ) so clonliffe house or meaghars or somewhere like that before game


Clearys on amien st is the meeting point. Then off to the match. No real drinking spot after the match. We all just meet up in whoever lands in a pub first as we are split with season tickets in cusack and we prefer Hogan. Last year after the two games in the final we jumped into the premium level for a pint or two. So @ProudDub leave a door open if your around the upper hogan


Head into Gaffney’s for around 1pm with @whatever & meet the usual mix of Raheny & O’Dwyers heads before we head up. Post match could be the Confession Box then back to the Brig for The Sunday Game.

First things first, a night of taxi driving awaits & hopefully plenty of Mayo fans to wind up.



Weekend begins at last. One more sleep.

On train now. Due in Connolly 4.30.

(Irish News has a 2 page spread on “fashion designer” Paul Galvin ffs!)

Pints in Piper’s Coner before & after game.

Hope all you Ressers have a great weekend & we get the result.

Áth Cliath Abú!


Say hello to Seán and the lads. Enjoy 2moro.


9am start from tipp. Few stops to make when I get up before going to park up at a mates place.

If I get my hill ticket go in early for our spot. Otherwise may go to meaghers beforehand.


Safe driving our man in Havana. I’ll be in meaghers meself so if I spot some hooded monk tapping away to 90’s dance music I’ll know it’s you.