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Keep an eye out for a hat made in honour of Charlie Rice. 100% my own work.


Gaffneys and Meaghers trying to get a ticket No luck this year first Dublin final since 83


2 pints in Meaghers before a good few after all going well. Snack box in the chipper beside Meaghers on the way home to the folks & watch the Sunday game. Safe journeys to all tomorrow.


Lovely chipper that.


Oh god a snack box. I’m fecking there. And A battered burger. I described a battered burger to my kids and they thought it was disgusting.


Now there’s posh!


Got a snack box in that chipper after the replay last year. BEST SNACK BOX EVER. Might go full posh tomorrow and get a spice burger too.


That’s Nico’s, don’t be fooled by the Italian accent, he’s a true blue that lad, there donkeys, sound as a bell, always looked after the people from around


Seen a lot of great pictures of the Bridge and it’s new Dubs Muriel, anyway Eddie Sherlock from the Rattling kind will be playing there from about 12.30 I believe, he’s absolute class not to be missed if you’re that end of town!


Called in to Piper’s Corner for a swift one last night.

8 or 9 of the 1995 team were there. What was meant to be a swift one turned into a bit of a session.

A great start to the weekend!!

Up The Dubs!


What are the venues today for the work-shy? Palace , Confession Box, Pipers Corner… ?


Halfway House Long Mile Road.
Hopefully they’ll show the game again.
Can’t beat All Ireland Monday!


Be good craic up around Smithfield later, Blue Monday is best in Kavanaghs (fairview end of malahide rd) will probably hit the confession box later meself tho if all goes to plan,


Confession Box.


Wait a minute. You had to describe a batter burger to your kids?

Why have they never seen/eaten/inhaled/snorted one for themselves?

You live in Mordor FFS, not bleedin’ Botswana !


The people of Botswana would be upset with such a comparison.


All clean eating in our house… except when I am gargled at AI finals. Chipper and here I come. Look my wife nearly puked when me oul wan cooked a coddle. Me Ma still hasn’t gotten over it.


Dats very true. Apologies to all the Botswanian Ressers out there.

#GreatBunchOfLads :grin:


Enjoyed the Confession Box - all types seem to be welcome in there and the pint was excellent.


You were in? There was a rake of us upstairs.