East / West conflict strategy


Israeli military carrying out "preplanned"military exercises close to Lebanese border. Jets buzzing the airspace and ground communications blocked. Guiliani calling for regime change in Iran, Israel must feel confident they have all the support they need.


Interesting the Russian ambassador is left to fulfil the role of press regarding the skripals. Lack of answers, lack of evidence but no lack blame.


They never need support. They just do what they like. As always.


Uncle SAM always there to support just in case.


It’s being reported the U.S will announce tomorrow whether or not they are going to stay inside the Iranian nuclear deal. If they walk away, it will be seen as a green light for Israel to target Iran. Will Russia be a bystander, possibly as Syria provides a sufficient return for their interests, without overextending their resources.


America pulls out of Iranian nuclear deal. Israel bombs Damascus. Russian fighter jets take to the sky flying low sorties across Syria from Latakia air base.


Is this it?



At least WWIIII will be fought with stones and sticks as there’ll be nothing left of worth to fight with!


WWIV dude. Just saying.
For some reason REM and Huey Lewis and the News songs have popped into my head.


Do these fookers not realise we’ve got Kilkenny on Sunday in Parnell??? Absolutely no consideration…


Can’t believe I just did that… Oh my Jeysus! The Christian brotherhood would be ashamed of my education!

And I’m buying a new car in 2 weeks too! Fecks sake!


Why is it “IIII” on clocks and “IV” elsewhere?


Something to do with decades? BTW, did you not notice I said last week it turns out you were right all along…


A sign of the time??


Jaysus, they’re just being randomly deleted now. I replied to your last post @5AliveOh, not a pun in sight, but it was deleted.


You’d think they’d clock that we’re going to persist? Stop bing so tick!


It’s 24/7 at this stage.


Don’t be alarmed!


They must have time to burn.


It stands still for no man.