East / West conflict strategy



Our neutrality means nothing. The day an American plane landed in Shannon for the 1st time saw to that. Neutral my hole


Our neutrality should be protected. If it’s to be undermined or altered, the government should put it before the people to choose, until then they should be held to account to protect it.
Our neutrality is at odds with the eu strategy and we will be put under pressure to water it down to a meaningless title, till it’s eventually dropped, in support of a common eu position.


It’s sad seeing how easy it is, and has been, for the masses to be lied to. So many people are sheep. Possible truths are portrayed as highly unlikely while very large lies are told. Saudi Arabia is the cause of much of the trouble in the Middle East but you’d never think that. The U.S. has more blood on its hands than any Middle Eastern despot. It razed two cities in Japan to the ground and it talks about others using chemical weapons! But Israel uses white phosphorous on Palestinian children and not a word about it. The Skripal controversy was manufactured, as was the chemical weapons one in Syria. They are used regularly.


consciously or sub consciously most people make decisions based on their selfish interest more so than the greater good. A prime example of that in Ireland is when a politician is exposed for allegations of corruption he will most likely top the pole in the following election.
On Syria and the gas attacks that were wildly broadcast and highly emotive, America and some allies risked a world war in a rush to respond militarily. One glaring question remains unanswered, why would Syria do it ? . When you wish to find the culprit in a crime, it’s best to start with the motive.


Or previous. They had reportedly been proven to have done it before, and not long ago.

Anyway as know, all this accusation and reaction stuff is always to at least some extent tactical, and at the end of the day all those involved in the situation are not much less or more implicated for selfish motives and some level of brutal activity.

Who’s not to say, for example, that between different covert movers in this situation, a plan was hatched to have some sort of “very provocative, very controversial incident”, and a subsequent fairly pre-ordained reaction, and so on, towards some projected end for some complex combination of reasons? How much of what appears simple or chaotic is actually known?


I would have similar thoughts 25. These weapons are being used often and by all sides. The proxies of the gallant allies use them too. The hypocrisy and lies are nauseating.


This won’t be a New York Times front page story today: Syria’s three major churches condemn the US-British-French airstrikes against the Syrian state, declaring that Assad protects Syria’s Christian minority and noting that this aggression will only encourage jihadist groups.IMG_6045IMG_6044


Russian Defence Ministry: We have evidence that #UK had a direct involvement in arranging the #DoumaProvocation in Eastern Ghouta. We know for certain that between 3 & 6 April the White Helmets were pressured from London to speed up the provocation they were preparing.



BREAKING: U.S., UK charge that Russia-backed hackers infected computer routers in global cyber espionage campaign.
N.S.A anybody !



Status update on opcw FFM and its delay in Damascus





TODAY: @NATO secretary-general joins in US officials with fawning praise for #Turkey, despite Erdogan’s #Syria invasion to attack #Kurds, and his threats to kill US troops.
Why? Because Turkey in NATO > Turkey aligned w Russia. #SDF
Jens stoltenberg (NATO sec. general),
“Important Ankara visit. Turkey is a valued Ally that makes essential contributions to #NATO operations. NATO stands with Turkey in the fight against terrorism and supports Turkey’s security including by deploying air and missile defence systems, AWACS flights and naval patrols.”


All nauseating. We stand with our gallant allies. Those other guys are baddies. Bullshit.


The rush to respond to alleged chemical attacks has left macron, may and trump much weaker as the Russian/Syrian response did not transpire as they had planned. Military analysts have proffered the theory that the scenario was to evolve as follows - false flag chemical attack in douma - west threaten military response - Syria and allies move hardware and resources from Damascus - west bomb Damascus - western backed forces on the ground move on Damascus - Assad is given asylum outside Syria ( if not killed in bombing). Obviously not so simple but starring defeat, desperate measures.


Think I’ll buy a small island in Clew Bay and fcuk off there for some peace.

Dunno who to believe any more … I even find myself questioning @Tayto posts. @alanoc was a man you could trust but he is knee deep in Marino propaganda now and @Nappertandy and @Iomaint are acting more suspiciously like Russian bots everyday while @GuyIncognito is surely Hillary C.

I have re-enlisted as an altar boy in Iona Road in the hope that the second coming will be swift and my late re-conversion recognised.