East / West conflict strategy


Macron claimed that the air strikes on Syria strengthened western allies ties to turkey and undermined Turkish-Russian relationship. This was quickly dismissed by Turkey contradicting Macrons statement and reiterating their bond with Russia.


Just don’t let the fuckers into the EU though. Please. pretty please?


There is a lot of reading in this thread and not everyone’s cup of tea, as we all have become used to short sound bites. The intention of this thread was to put out the interesting articles/ stories and let people themselves differentiate what’s propaganda and what’s news. Personally going on history and what I have read, I think we are at the most dangerous time in world history since the 60s if not ever. I know on the international stage of diplomacy the threat of conflict ebbs and flows and usually dissipates when risk of confrontation is at its highest, I expect this situation to do likewise.


That might just be the price to be paid to keep Turkey outside Russia’s area of influence, unfortunately me thinks.


Nah - that will never happen IMO.


The cynic in me is thinking, your trying to fulfill your lifetime amibition to be centre stage in Croke park in September .


Late August?

Dream headline ‘Local boy serves up a treat for the Pope’

  • locals say he gives good Mass …


I agree, Turkey plays the man in the middle very well, jumping into the EU would possibly be too restrictive for its leaders.
Now Ukraine that’s another story, but one that will see the EU at odds with Russia and more likely to seek refuge within EU.



Israel news live : tonight latest
#BREAKING: Shayrat, Dumayr and T4 Airbases targeted by Multiple Israeli missiles in #Syria, just been told that Russian soldiers are present at Dumayr and IRGC at T4 some sources reported Airbases hit by missiles, others say they are shot down.
Israel continues to kill without a UN mandate and the west remains silent.


Now the #Israel-i army is declaring a state of emergency on the Syrian-Israeli border in the #Golan Heights.


Jeeze - we have soldiers there … not good …


Seems to me Israel is intent on raising the level of aggression now. One of the Syrian airbases was subject to a failed Isis attack in last 12 hrs, Israel decided to target it again tonight, common agenda possibly.



These chemical weapons facilities that the urgent air strikes destroyed located in urban centres released no chemical toxins, are we to believe the same speal that we were fed in Iraq, " the stuff is being moved around in hours before hand". In Iraq after the removal of saddam the WMD were still elusive, but hey at that stage no one cared and the story had served its purpose.


Good god, plastic gloves! Tut tut tut. And face-masks!!! :scream:


Strange that they targeted a facility that has quite a number of French post grads working in it. Though in fairness they were given the heads up to give the building a wide berth, at the weekend of the air strike.




For all who have expressed outrage and supported a rush to condemn without due process in the Salisbury affair, don’t stop there, be responsible, be fully informed and don’t stop till you have the truth. The attached link should be a step towards that.