Eir Sport


I might have to follow suit, the horizon box is so slow now it’s almost impossible to use and the on demand has gone really bad


Sky has a far better interface compared to Virgin ( upc ) . Only point staying with virgin is for the broadband .


Do you still have to get a dish?


For Sky? Yes


Yeah , you need a dish for Sky . Once it’s installed though you own the set top box & the dish .
I remember when I cancelled upc back in 2013 they wanted the box(es). They never collected them but they say they will charge you if they aren’t returned .
Would never go back to them , they were unreal for price hikes back then & changing their packages to charge more , around the time BT took over espn , etc


Ffs still need a dish in this day n age! Renting so dish not an option


They can put it on the back of the house .Doesn’t need to be on a chimney either .They’ll use their lnb detector to adjust for line of sight for satellite.


What’s the broadband like with Sky? Am thinking of ditching Eir to go with them.


Don’t they all use the same infrastructure, apart from virgin?


Yeah. That’s what I was thinking. Was just curious to hear from someone who had actually made the switch.


What’s Eir like? thinking of ditching virgin and going with Eir for TV and broadband, good deals on at the moment


Keep the virgin broadband if possible , best in the business. You’d only be downgrading your broadband if you switched .


Overall. It’s very good. Other than having to have them come out & clear a fault on the lines at least once or twice a year. The internet will go out & the telly box will freeze in the evenings. If it doesn’t clear itself up, in a couple of days, it time to give them a ring. I’ve service call booked for later in the week as it happens.

I’m not ditching them for that though. I’m just tired of giving them a hundred snots every month.

I can’t get Virgin in my house. Long story.


Recently signed up up Sky and it’s brilliant, I had to change the box after 2/3 days as it kept on freezing but apart from that it’s been excellent.

I’ve broadband with Virgin and that’s excellent and never had a problem.


Was thinking of doing the same but combining Virgin Broadband with Sky tele with multiroom and sports package you’re talking about €150 a month or thereabouts… that’s the killer.


Thats the thing, the broadband with virgin is excellent, rarely an issue. Eircom broke my heart too many times to go back and i’ve heard a few horror stories that seems like that haven’t changed with the rebrand.

Then again i’m sure some people have a disaster with virgin as well but i really need to get Eir Sports for the league.


That’s the thing, I’m actually swapping primarily because my broadband is muck, despite getting them out a few times to look at it. So just got tired with them and said I’d move on.


I had sky broadband and it was generally ok. We got work done in the house and one of the cables was damaged I believe because the broadband just stopped working, when I rang sky they said unless I have a landline installed they cannot troubleshoot without me paying €100 for an engineer to come out. This was the case even if they found it be a problem on their side the €100 was non refundable. I didn’t have a landline so had to borrow one just for this and they still said they couldn’t tell what the issue was. I ended up cancelling with them over the poor customer service. They still charged me for another 2 months. It was near impossible to cancel with them, I was left on hold for up to 40 mins at time and had to hang up as I was in work. I went with Virgin broadband. I still had sky TV so eventually I persevered and got one of their broadband team on the phone. I told them I’d be giving back the to package if my account wasn’t credited the extra 2 months they charged me for. They did credit me in the end as they didn’t want to lose the business of the TV deal I have.

Sky are a nightmare if you want to cancel anything or even downgrade a subscription. I imagine all those companies are though but something to keep in mind for anyone thinking of switching to sky. If you get Eir broadband you get the sports package for free


I’d say it’s an unfortunate case by the sounds of it .I’ve only heard good things about their broadband , they have the best speeds out there .


Had similar issues , they just refuse to take no for an answer , they’ll all the same .