Euro 2016


As optimistic as I usually am, I can’t see us getting a win tonight, think a draw is the best we can hope for. Really hope I am wrong and it’s another memorable night for Irish soccer.


Hungary 1-0 up. Love it. All keepers should have to wear tracksuit bottoms


Buffon, goalkeeping legend and a gentleman.


Glad we left it late, don’t think the ticker would have survived!

Now to get revenge for Thierry the cheat :smiley:


For taking the night off??


Savage result. Thoroughly deserved and pride restored after Saturday.


Doesn’t matter a shite either that the Italians weren’t at their strongest/best. For us to have gotten nothing out of that game would have been nothing short of a travesty.

McClean was superb tonight. Showed the determination of a lad who wanted to prove a point to management tonight


Beat France and play England in the quarters :grin:


Very average we are


Dubs game put back to 6,35


McClean a big hit with some of our fans…
To be fair he Lways gives 100%


We are, marginally less average then a disinterested Italian team😜


So, listen, will we just chalk this down as “the young Donegal lad got his end away”, and move on… Yeah?


Ha… Indeed… :blush:

He was quick to embrace and congratulate Keane and MO’N at the end.

We go into that game rank outsiders but I think France are overrated. I’d rather lose 3 or 4 nil to them by having a go than to lose 1-0 and not have a go.


Spot on, I’d doubt the French will like much the fact that we will get in their faces. As the old cliché goes, we are in bonus territory now!


Great win in that we never stopped trying. Thought we huffed and puffed for most of it and our chance was gone when Wes missed that sitter. He was back to being a useless Shels w_nker for 60 seconds before becoming a proud product of our marvelous league again when he whipped in that cross! :grin:

The impact of us winning or losing on other teams didn’t bother me until Hamilton mentioned Turkey would go through if we didn’t win. Haven’t forgotten those scumbags out on the pitch in Bursa and the rocks getting pelted at our players while the cops stood around laughing. Hope they were crying into their kebabs as Brady’s header hit the net.

Speaking of revenge, dumping France out of their Championship in their own home ground would be the ultimate payback for you know what. Can’t see it happening but if there’s such a thing as karma, Robbie Keane will score in injury time after handling the ball while 10 yards offside.

Also heard a mad stat that’s fun to annoy your country cousins with - no culchie has ever scored for Ireland in the Finals of a major tournament. :grin:


Fecking love it, top man URoy.

The Dubs in questions being:

  • Whelan ('88 v Russia)
  • Quinn ('90 v Holland)
  • Keane ('02 v Germany, Saudi & Spain)
  • Duff (did he get credit for that goal v Saudi Arabia?)
  • Hoolahan
  • Brady

If only Ian Harte had scored that penalty v Spain :cry:


It makes me chuckle to hear culchies delighting in the victory and two Dubs been involved in the goal . All is forgotten in soccer until something goes wrong . You won’t hear many Corkonians giving Roy a tough time over walking out on his country , seems to be slipped under the carpet now . If it had of been a Dub you would never hear the end of it .

Edit : knew it wouldn’t take long , post from the PROC this morning

It was almost poetic.

Saipan ended for good yesterday on the green fields of France, on the day Rory McIlroy cried off citing bogus medical reasons to justify turning his back on Ireland.

Who writes these scripts?


Just out of interest who got our other goals. Think I have them covered or am I missing one? Unsure about one of the goals against Saudi. Was it Gary Breen?

Houghton (88 vs England and 94 vs Italy)
Sheedy (90 vs England)
Aldridge (94 vs Mexico)
Holland (02 vs Cameroon)
Breen??? (02 vs Saudi)
St Ledger (12 vs Croatia)



I thought that heading into the World Cup that Breen would be shown up… He had a great tournament. It was one of the weaker World Cups that I can recall and always begs the question of “what if” when it comes to Roy Keanse.