Euro 2016


Corrupt too. Spain were heated out of the Quarters v Korea. Italy subsequently cheated out of it by Korea.


Ah here URoy, your not saying that every Turkish person eats kebabs are you???


Yeah 2002 was a bizarre World Cup alright.
Brasil vs Turkey and Germany vs Korea in the semi finals. Was perhaps the weakest German team Ive seen as well but Khan and Ballack got them to the final.

Dare I say it if England didnt get Brasil in the quarters that year I think they were better then the other teams in it at that stage.

If we got past Spain it would have been Korea in the quarters so chances are we would have got f*cked over on that one as Spain did!!!


I don’t want to burst the bubble but it was Italy’s second string. Essentially we won a game we were expected to win .
The acid test is Sunday . That will tell us if we learnt anything from the Belgium game .


Don’t think you will burst anyone’s bubble. Everybody knows it was a weakened Italy side and a side that were not really playing for anything. But on paper they were probably still stronger than us in most positions and brought on a few really good subs.

Obviously it is going to be a tough game on Sunday, I hope MON puts out another team who will fight and challenge from the first whistle and burst into the French. The atmosphere at that game will be electric. It’s a nothing to lose game, the pre-tournament goals have been achieved, just go out and go for it now.


Are the French as good as Belgium?


I don’t think any Irish fan worth their salt would dispute that. It was a starting 11 that only O’Neill would pick & it leaves him with plenty of selection headaches ahead of Sunday which can be a positive & a negative all in one.


I would have them on a par to be honest.


Both are a good bit better than us, but if we put in as much effort as last night it could ruffle their feathers. The only problem last night for me was that Italy did feck all attacking and never really tested our defence and that is not going to be the case against the French.


We weren’t fancied to win the game Bart. Not according to the bookies anyway


Italy were very poor, not interested in entering a dog fight when they’d already qualified, most surprising was their inability to pass to team mates, even for a weakened team you’d expect more ability from an Italian team.


So we are just gonna call him bart now?


The France team has a lot of legs, especially in midfield so we might need to revert back to two holding midfielders. Even though our two best recent results have come with McCarthy playing the holding role and Whelan on the bench.

Think O’Shea should come back in in place of Duffy.


I put a big enough punt on us . Never expected anything else . Only for ref we’d have won by a couple. Italy were very poor . They have nothing on the bench anyway
France are very good . If they had Benezma we’d have no hope
Giroud isn’t prolific so gives us a chance to win on penalties . Can’t see us scoring .




Thats fair enough, The LoneRanger can you change your name?


Ah, now, wait… here… are you Bart or Anchorman?


This leaves Gary Neville (Barca v Chelsea 2012) in the shade.


The key difference turned out to be the absence of Buffon. As poor as Italy were last night, they had succeeded in stopping us scoring until their keeper came for a ball Buffon would never have come for in a million years. Delighted we scored but it was definitely as a result of a very basic goalkeeping error.


Italy havn’t exactly been brilliant during in this tournament. I wouldn’t go reading a huge amount into the changes. They offer little going forward and do exactly what Italian teams generally do, defend well. And that may bring them a long way to the final. What they lacked was fight and in this area we were top drawer and that was probably expected.

Ireland have found a formula that works now, its Charlton-esque but it works. Take no risks at the back, hope for a moratorium on individual errors and get in the face of your opponent and see if they have the stomach for it. It may not be enough to get close to the French but it offers a lot more hope than a non calculated long ball with no support that we seen against Belgium.

Given the platform last night Ireland played well. Obviously against a high pressing team we would struggle but thats where the press comes in. Create a trench around the middle of the park and try to materialise something from it.

Coleman epitomized everything good about Ireland last night. A physical edge that can go a long way in the game. There is hope there if we can replicate the edge we brought to last night. The effort put in was a joy to watch.