Euro 2016


Coleman was not good last night. Touch was very poor all night long. Brady wasn’t having much of a game either before the goal. Hendricks and Mc Clean were by far the best players

Both centre halves are an accident waiting to happen. French will have noticed how poor Duffy is on the ball .

We’re not going to get the ball back as quickly as last night either. Plus it’s the 4th game in 15 days.

Pogba, Greizman, Martial, Payet…


Well, it was incredible, blah blah, yadda yadda. With the roof closed the heat in the stadium was unreal but so was the noise. Lovely stadium btw, proper for football, no running-track nonsense.
Took 1 and a half hours to get from city into stadium, took 2 and a half hours to get out and back. So badly organised at the metro station or maybe it was just the fact that the trains were too small…

I was so happy that Robbie Brady got the goal, watching it back although we all emphasised the goaly’s poor attempt to intercept/save, it was actually the quality of the ball and the timing of Brady’s run, not to mention bravery in the face of likely full-on collision, that deserves more emphasis. Keeper chickened out a bit but the pace of ball and attack gave him only a split second to act, he moved to intercept the cross if Brady didn’t make contact, and/or he had no chance to know what way the header would go. Brady kept it simple.

Wes’s miss was brutal but it was like he was distracted that the Italians didn’t get a free out for the tackle/dispossession. I wonder was the ref starting to sweat that he had denied us a very likely penalty and the grief he was going to get after had he been seen as a major reason why beloved Ireland and their world famous fans were out?

People have commented alot about Italy being a weakened team and not really being up for it. I can tell you from being there they were well up, despite being out-numbered for support about 3-1. They were fighting for their places. They played a very tight game, they pressured us on the ball constantly, and they had us for pace. To Ireland’s credit we responded to the abject effort against Belgium and went back to playing football and trying to be ambitious and as creative as we could be given our resources.

I think Wes was held back to give us the full benefit of what he brings in a more open game (last 20 minutes). He would have been kicked and muscled out of it had he started and his departure would have been a downer for us, chasing the game, rather than the boost it ended up being - smart call from MON/RK.

Hendrick wasn’t as good as against Sweden but grew into the game. Murphy did well I thought, and Wardy. McCarthy improved, alot of criticism prior to the game, I wonder is he carrying a knock or is it just a confidence thing? He is actually the best midfielder we have, all things considered, when at his best. The next day could be made for him. Long worked his socks off and kept the Italians honest.

We won alot of ball around the middle by a high-pressure game, which you need against Italy. I hope the 3 days rest is enough to do it again tomorrow. France will allow us more space, and will attack more. It’s made for us to keep it tight, ride our luck, and hit them when they get caught in possession/give it away. Pray that Long is fit, this game is made for him if we can stay tight and get some possession.

They could come out to prove a point about 2010 and crush us, we can’t afford to start slow. They will crush us if we go back into our shell. Can we get two big performances in a row? I think if we do, and get the bit of luck, with alot of pressure on them, this game might still be in the balance late on. From all the talk about 2010, it may not be a home-town ref for once. But we need to be in the game for that to be of any real value.

My impression from the games so far is we are slow, they are very quick. When I put this to some others they said France are not all that pacey. I think it’s a relative thing, they are alot quicker than us. So keeping the game as slow & niggly as possible is a must


Was in Lyons last year and there is a great Irish bar there owned by a sound bloke with Boden connections. Can’t remember his name but his Dad taught Harrington and McGinley. He is about to feel the full force of the Irish fan experience. There is also a GAA club in the city.


That’s not the impression I get, they look very mobile and athletic, especially in midfield. We could get the runaround.

I hope they play Giroud, but fear they will go with Griezman, whose movement will trouble any combination of centre halfs we put out.


Adrian Walsh, your man’s name is, handy hurlers and footballer for boden,


That’s the man Wallop. His dad is well known yeah?


Such technique from Shaqiri! What a fantastic finish! Another one there for the Swiss maybe.


Played Hurling and football for laois, won a railway cup with Leinster, Adrian played a few years with the legend Jimmy Stynes


Yes, lovely goal; the only down side is it sets us up for another turgid 30 mins.


Fintan Walsh is the dad’s name. Used to teach in St Mary’s BNS. Was on Laois team of the century. Sound man.


Thus Welsh norm iron match is hard on the eye.


It was d’ire. Finally the n’ire defence was ‘terrified’ and O’Neill never even brought on Will Rigg to try to get a fairytale goal. Ah well. Wales the better side, even though not in today’s game. They will play better the next day, whoever they are up against, has to be a much better game.

Swiss unlucky but am happy for the Poles. Croatia & Portugal cancelled each other out, either could go on to the semis or even the final IMO


So Portugal did it, force of will as much as anything. Massive win, Croatia were potential finalists for me, even champions. Portugal look really hungry for this, Ronaldo’s never been so motivated, even with his occasional tantrums they look a very unified force. And they have the nice side of the draw.

So what’s happening today? Everyone very quiet here, where yis all watching the game? I’m in work, have boxed off some time. I fancy us for a 1-1 draw (Long the scorer, Murphy assist), and we win on pens, Wes with the winning peno. Of course, I’ve only got a fiver on Long first Ireland goal-scorer.


Would rather O’Shea in there instead of Duffy, who is a liability on the ball.

Is Ward fully fit? Have they enough energy in them after Wednesday? Can we handle their midfield? Hmmn.

Hendrick 14/1 anytime scorer is good value.

Huge game - c’mon Ireland.

Poxy game last night by the way, and as Ritchie Sadlier put it they even deprived us of penos - bastards.


Fair play, really give it a lash.Can’t ask for more than that.


No faulting the effort or heart. Just lacking in quality. A good tournament overall.


France definitely there for the taking. They’ve a brilliant trio in Payet, Pogba and Greizman but are otherwise average. Darren Randolph had a great tournament. I think Iceland will put it up to France.


We did as well as we could. Outplayed them first half. They produced their best 2nd half, we hadn’t the energy, 3 days less rest and game played mid-afternoon. Heroic to keep it to 2-1. Deschamps is a good coach, he had them right for the 2nd half, they were starting to panic by end of 1st half


Outplayed them? We scored and had another chance in the first half but other then that the first half was 50/50 from what I saw. They took us apart in the second half.


It was the best 2-1 I’ve seen. Conceivably could have lost 4-1 or 5-1.

Men against boys in the second half long before they scored.

Management did very well with an unbelievably average group of players.