Euro 2016


We did fine, one win from 4 games, can’t get too carried away with that. Tried hard which is all you can ask.


They did as well as they could but to get something from only scoring one goal per game we needed a moratorium on defensive errors. We didn’t get that and the second goal was very disappointing with two players going for the same ball and leaving a free man inside.

The pride and guts is honourable but to do better we either need more in the middle or find a way to lock down games like some other average teams manage to do. Time to invest in younger players now.


Wrung the maximum out of what was possible with the players available, and perhaps even contributed to their own downfall with mistakes at the back.

All told they gave it a lash and ‘redeemed’ themselves after 2012. Won some big games this campaign and firmly moved away from the WW1 trench warfare style of the Trap era.

Serious investment needed to kick on from here though.


3 teams qualifying from a group of 4 is up there with the GAA for ridiculous competition structure.


Just to put the ‘French were there for that taking’ argument to bed, look at the stats, I kniw stats can sometimes be deceptive, but not in this case. They better team won, and should have won by a lot more.


My point was that we could have won against an average French team. A bit more composure from Hendrick following up on Murphy’s first half effort could have set up Long to put us 2 up. That’s not a pop at Hendrick either. Same with McLean in the second half at 1-1. Griezman ghosted in unmarked for the first - a free header. Shocking defending for the second.
Look, were France the better team? Yes. Did they deserve to win? Yes. But they had their look also. Their second goal came immediately after they had a goal kick when it should clearly have been an Ireland corner. France are very poor at the back. Better teams will expose them. We could have.


The organisers have kept 10,000 of our fans on as ‘craic ambassadors’. They will be transported to various cities ahead of games to teach our fellow Europeans (not the English though) to drink, chant and play with policemen’s hats.

The agreement was made after Don Delaney complained that there was a foul in the lead up to the 2nd French goal.

‘I was hoping to get a few bob like the last time but at least I’ll have some company now for the rest of the tournament.’

Fans Willo and Anto were delighted with their new role. ‘I just rang the credit union and topped up me 20k ‘car’ loan with another 5k’ said Anto, ‘it’s the dearest car I never bought.’

The fans will be treated to a civic reception and an open top bus ride when they return to Dublin the morning after the final.




So what you are saying is we could have exposed the french weaknesses if we had better defenders & midfielders? … can’t aruge with that :yum:


and don’t forget “out scored them with better strikers!” :grin:


We could have exposed them with what we had… we actually did… just didn’t convert into serious goal chances. The Water Carrier is a good coach though - his stock has risen.

I see Larry White has left PSG - a serious under-achiever in that job, given the wealth at his disposal. His main striker gone from international football and, for me, won’t be missed much. Talked himself up to be as good as Messi and Ronaldo, etc but yet again flops on the big stage.


Very enjoyable game. Maybe the international end of the great Iniesta. Some fantastic goalkeeping too.


Thought Italy were much better for most of the game, especially i the first half , they could have scored 3 or 4 and they bossed Spain all ove the pitch. Italy looking very solid and playing better football than they usually do


Caught the first half and Italy were excellent - aggressive, direct, really getting into Spain.

De Gea might have done better with the goal but three Italians follwoing up shows they were switched on and going for it.


Italy have been great so far. Good effort from Espana 2nd half, Buffon was brilliant, yet again. Spain a shadow of their best days though. Don’t feel I saw the champs today yet though. Italy are going to get tired, they’ve had two massive games already just to reach the Qtrs, with another to come.

And they are not the paciest team around. Germany are just getting into their stride and have the game to get goals against Italy. That said, they will have to dominate possession because their defence is dodge. By the way, Conti has been the star performer for me so far, a pure loon!

Everything points to the team emerging from the other side of the draw being fresher in the final than this side. Is there a clear best team? I don’t think so, after today I think it’s any of 5 teams.


2-1 Iceland, 19mins.


English defence is shocking - centre especially. Sterling and Kane overrated. Defo more goals in this one - could be anything. Joe Hart not head and shoulders above other keepers. Glenn Hoddle is a shocking co-commentator …


He was flaky enough for the goal alright


is Rooney still up to it? Doesn’t ever seem to do anything, the little I see of him.


Rooney having an absolute shocker. Sterling continues to bomb - on and off the pitch. England had 5 Spurs starters … enough said …