Euro 2016


Unreal wasnt it, some record of mediocrity. They do like appointing pretty average bunch of managers (Roy, McClaren, Keegan et cetc ) only really capello has a good track record of their recent manager I can think of, just don’t understand playing sterling when apparently he has been rubbish all year, same with Rooney in midfield, Sturrige on the wing … all seem pretty moronic decisions which arent going to help. Only saw last night but yerman Kane taking frees and corssed going over everyone and straight out … these are professional sports people … can;t hit the pitch with a cross. Jaysus,

Look at the difference a good manager has made to their rugby team, when they finally got around to appointing one, 12 years later.


Nobody rates Sterling, so he can’t be overrated. Gets too much stick I think, he won the peno and was repeatedly chopped down by Icelandic defenders. Sterling is a scapegoat that the media will use for another failed campaign. Wayne Rooney was far far worse than sterling, Rooney meant to be the captain he couldn’t pass,shoot and offered nothing defensively he was truly awful, a disgrace really.


He is in the squad and gets picked to start last night. So nobody rates him?! And so he can’t be overrated?!? Jaysus Brogan …

Ps Rooney was woeful


Okay nobody rates him was the wrong way to phrase it. Sterling had a bad tournament but his stats for Man City prove he merits to be involved with both teams.

Man City 2015/2016- 47 apps 11 goals 4 assists. 34 starts.

He started the season well and ran out of steam badly.

He gets absolutely lambasted by the media and fans, I just think he gets too much stick.

He’s a victim of a price tag he didn’t decide on and now he has to live with constant abuse for being overpriced and overrated.


The Sun showing their class by showing young Kai Rooney balling his eyes out after the game on their front page! :angry:


4 assists in 47 appearances (34 starts) for a winger is pretty appalling tbh.

I have nothing against the guy but he is just one of many wingers over the years who bursts on the scene brightly and then when defenders cop him on fades away. His basic touch and technique are not even top notch. He also didn’t help himself in terms of what fans think of him.


More of a disgrace than the football team.


That’s because he found out what his name was.


They seem to always go a manager that will represent the country as an ambassador rather for his know how, never really understood how Brian Clough never got the job back years ago, but he would not have been their cup of team regardless of his capacity.


Kane looked bolloxed had a shite euros though, rash ford and vardy looked like doin something should of had them on a lot earlier, England are average if they couldn’t win anything with the likes of rio, terry, cole, gerrard, lampard and scholes, they defo wernt gonna do Fck all with those players, never know how they are up there as one of the favs, joe hart is shite aswell


Watched the English in the airport coming back from Glastonbury, I’d a good giggle at the English and they went very quiet when Iceland scored.

Best stat I’ve seen on England was that they’ve only won 6 games in knockout football since 1966.
Paraguay 1986
Belgium 1990
Cameroon 1990
Spain 1996
Denmark 2002
Ecuador 2006


The win over Spain was on penos.


Incredible statistic. Perennial underachievers at tournaments having usually qualified easily. For years I think they had a superiority complex but now it seems to be a group phobia induced by their press. Hodgson was not hard enough to deal with this and instil confidence in the players who I still don’t accept are not good enough.

They will probably go for a hard nosed foreign coach now like Lippi or Bilic??


Money has largely destroyed the game in so many ways. They should look at the impact of the PL and go back to basics … but they won’t. When Brexit kicks in there could possibly be no limitations on anything.

That all said Bilic could be a good choice!


The English will be able to bring in limits on the number of overseas players again? That might help them in the long run.


My guess is they would do the opposite. The EPL is not interested in the national team - just TV rights, sponsors etc. They have always hated any cap. If there are no restrictions it could be a free for all.


True enough. Wasn’t the bosman thing an eu ruling?


Indeed it was - straight from the ECJ.


Bosman was related to freedom of movement was it not? So therefore they could introduce legislation to restrict movement and keep out foreign players.

FA could push for this but PL would oppose alright for the obvious reasons. However I still believe that their team performed way below the sum of their parts the other night.

Management has crucial role in this. Cannot believe they are serious about Hoddle, Sheared or Southgate though. El Tel would be better bet. Think FA may make West Ham and Bilic offers they cannot refuse.


Apparently in the same timespan Germany have won 30-odd knockout games.