Euro 2016


Is that accurate? Really is a terrible record. shocking.


Yep. It is accurate. However, they needed extra time to beat Belgium in 1990 & they needed a penalty shoot out to beat Spain in 1996. So their overall record for straight up victories, within the regulation 90 minutes, is even worse.


Zlatan signs for Utd! If they can keep himself and Bastian for a few years they will be hot favs for the Manchester Evening News Over 35s League ,


Quarter finals start tonight. Fancy Poland to turn over Portugal as they seem to be more consistent. Belgium to beat Wales and go to final where they will play Italy after they beat Germany & France. Italy to win outright if they can sustain the performance levels shown against Belgium & Spain.


Nice piece in the Examiner today about Iceland by John Andrews who played for Cork and then played and coached there for 6 years. I particularly liked this para

“There is no fear in these people — they leave their babies out in the fresh air outside their houses. They only cancel football games if the weather goes below minus-10. And they approach each game wondering how they can win it — not how they can avoid losing it.”


The last sentence should be tattooed on almost all inter county managers.


Carlsberg don’t do quarter finals but if they did … Poland to win on pens with Pepe and Ronaldo missing …


Disappointing last 75 minutes. Poles sat back and Portugal ie Ronaldo could not take 3 decent chances. Decent penos except the Polish miss. 18 year old who scored Portugal,s goal and a peno gone to Bayern for €32m…the mind boggles.


Hes a really impressive player that lad. Enjoy watching him and his penalty was beautiful


Ronaldo has had over 40 attempts at goal from direct free kicks in Major International Tournaments but has yet to score from one. At one point earlier in the season he had gone over 80 such attempts in all club and international games without scoring from one.


What are you trying to say Beeko?

Bale must have a high conversion rate though.

I’d like to see Kane’s stats for finding his own man with a set piece delivery … quite low I’d think with a few not even staying in play.


He won’t let anyone else near taking one.


From what I saw Kane couldn’t hit the Jaysus pitch, never mind find anyone. Incredible


Belgium are really suffering from injuries and suspensions especially at the back. Two youngsters in the starting 11 tonight so the Welsh have a great chance. Nainggolan has not impressed either in central midfield Will stick with the Belgians though as they have better keeper, more flair, attacking threat and a stronger bench.


What a goal by Wales, superb.


They’re useful enough are Wales


They play football.


Fellani, an imposter.


Savage (not Robbie)…


Great win for Wales, fully deserved too, they won’t fear Portugal