Euro 2016


Aaron Ramsey will be a big loss. Joe Allen showing great form. Maybe he can start doing it for Liverpool too.

Gareth Bale’s attitude, compared to his Galactico teaBale’sin the Portugal team, is phenomenal.


Yeh it will be an interesting comparison. I actually think Ronnie has been better than previous in terms of his attitude/the Portuguese team spirit. This game will test that to the full, he will be desperate not to be shown up by Bale. Certainly Wales are the more impressive coming into the game, Portugal have been hanging in, mainly due to the awful form of their strikers. Can they get it right now, when it really matters, ‘Italy-style’? Do Wales have anything in the tank?

Belgium showed again that there’s no substitute for lack of team strength, even allowing for their absentees they should never have been losing that game 3-1, especially after leading through a great strike. I’d say Wilmots will go and they will get in somebody who is used to handling massive egos. They are at a similar point to Portugal about 8-10 years ago


Pub erupts when Iceland score. Pub erupts when Wales score.


What the hell was Boateng at? Crazy thing to do.


Germans don’t lose penalty shoot outs


They tried their best to lose that one:laughing:


Iceland’s high defensive line is football suicide. Crazy stuff


Well if Iceland had to play the French in Lyon after three days rest in the middle of a very warm day & down to 10 men with a half hour left, they’d have lost about 10-1. So we come out of this with a bit of credit. France got a bit loose but they look in good form, the fans are behind them, Deschamps seems to be a really solid coach & they have the Deutsch in Marseilles - France in the final so.

I think Portugal will do enough against Wales but whichever of them comes through I think they both have a decent chance of beating France if they get it right. They are nothing really special. But they do seem to really want it, so that might be enough


I think Wales are worth a few pound against Portugal. When your an average enough team, which both are, desire and heart will get you a long way.


I think they both seem to have it but Wales’ star player is really performing, Portugal’s isn’t. But timing is sometimes everything…


Can’t see Germany losing to France. Yes the hosts looked good tonight but Iceland looked tired and their defending was schoolboy stuff at best. They had such a high line that it was asking for trouble - even a player with ordinary pace like Giroud thrived.

The biggest weakness in the French team is their defence. They are static in the centre and have two OAPs at full back. Germany’s passing and movement here will destroy them. Muller, Gotze, Ozil, Kroos, Draxler will make hay I reckon. I expect to see Bastian lift the trophy this night week …


Germany well capable but form-wise they just aren’t doing it to anything like the level of the last WC finals and before. And their own defense is at least as dodgy as France. They looked tired and lacking conviction the other night, should have beaten Italy in normal time & blew it, then tried hard to blow it in the penalties.

France for all their deficits seem very together and motivated, the home crowd has been really behind them, DD seems a really good coach & getting the best out of what he has, and their best players are mostly on form. They look full of running & conviction, only reason they didn’t beat Iceland about 8-0 was because they went into cruise control & Iceland had a good rest, 11 men on the field for 90 mins & a nice cool, rainy night to do all the chasing & working.

Last of all, the game will be in Marseilles, a white hot home crowd, it will either pull the best out of Germany or they won’t match the passion of the French effort


Wales have a great chance if they can reproduce last display but it’s a tall order especially without Ramsey.

Germany struggled against the Italians and France are improving so it will be close but you write the Germans off at your peril.


Portugal v France will be one, dour final, I reckon. Germany were by far the better team but would be there until Sunday and still not score.


Seriously lacking a finisher , what the hell happened to Muller ? Hate that prick Loew though so wasn’t too disappointed they got knocked out . Ah I’d say the final will be good . Home nation in the final , crowd will awesome .


Yep they couldnt score against us despite owning the ball and getting hit by a shane log sucker punch, struggled to kill off northern ireland as well, if they had a robbie fowler they’d be unstoppable.


Exactly, can’t believe how poor he has been but if you look back over the last few years, very few of the world’s best players have performed to their best for the countries, certainly nothing like as consistently as when they play for club


Germany never convinced. Even when they outclassed Italy they lacked conviction and so nearly lost. France had much more conviction. Portugal will match France’s conviction (those are the two better quality teams who have looked hungry, very motivated and organised throughout the tournament), and in Ronaldo have the one player who might do something that no other player on the pitch might be able to do (and I don’t just mean have a tantrum, cry like a bi-atch etc). The big thing in his favour is that he has struggled throughout until that goal last night, and you know what they say about timing…

But home-town advantage gives France a slight edge (unless they freeze a bit, which looks unlikely, however Paris is rarely if ever anything like Marseilles, Bordeaux or even Lyon for support for them). So if Portugal can get the home crowd quiet, and edgy, that’s half their battle. Based on previous games, they are well capable of it unless the ref gives a bad penalty or something.


For 25 mins they looked the team they can be, and worthy world champions, but went to shit in the second half.

Re Muller, I thought Guardiola was being too smart and dropped him for tactical reasons but looks like he saw it coming, not on it at all.

France looked the part in the second half but you would wonder how it might have panned out if the peno hadn’t have been given.

Must say, whatever the sport, I find the ‘olés’ very undignified and demeaning.


Muller has looked ‘light’ (:wink:) for Bayern the past few months.

Yes France were lucky with the penalty but you could say pressure forced a German mistake (from one of their most experienced heads), plus he had t put it away under huge pressure & did.
I still think the worst that could have happened France was extra-time etc and I think their force of will would have got them over the line, they desperately wanted the win, Germany were more going through the motions.

I felt that France defended brilliantly (all over the pitch), and in fairness the quality of alot of Germany’s crosses was top class and they dealt with them without conceding hardly any chances (from many crosses). The intensity of the game was at a really high pitch throughout and Germany couldn’t overcome it. France were also the younger team and Germany looked tired by the end, though Costil’s save from the header at the end was fantastic (which was another sign of what France had on the night).

France’s discipline was also exemplary in such a high intensity & high pressure game, they conceded very few fouls, and very very few in dangerous places. From the performance in the 2nd half of the game Vs Ireland I have felt France really have what it takes, despite no really outstanding players. But Portugal as they have been so far this tournament are the one team (apart from Belgium on their really ‘on’ day, and Croatia, who got ground down by Portugal) who can perhaps scrape past them