Euro 2016


Wonder would Marco Reuss have made a difference . Goetze isn’t worth a ■■■■ but sure he’ll never have to buy a pint again after his winner in the WC Final .


Will be interesting to see how Ronaldo performs, IMO he puts pressure on himself and at times it affects his performance, he has had big problems turning it on, on big days and this is his big chance to do something really special, but there is a real chance that he may get obsessed with doing it himself and forget about the team.
On Portugal, they really haven’t come up against much and still failed to win most of their games in 90 minutes, anything can happen on the day, but IMO France are a much better side, but they too are under huge pressure as clear favs and playing at home.


Agree with that, portugal have had a pretty cushy run to the final, would have to fancy france but then soccer being so odd, portugal could easily get an early goal and then it’s game on


Get the sense that Portugal are tired of being the bridesmaid and are willing to shut the opponent out (at the expense of their own game) to win. As in the Croatia game.

Could go either way but France look to have a better side, and the momentum of the occasion, going for them.


Poor Platini… This was supposed to be his crowning gliry as UEFA president before taking over from Blatter at FIFA… Presenting the cup to a French captain in Paris?

But the crooked cünt got what he deserved. Is he even allowed into the stadium, I wonder?

Eric Cantona must be sick also… Seeing Deschamps succeed as a coach having already achieved a lot more as a player than Cantona ever did.


That’s exactly how I see it. I think it will be very close but Ronnie crying into his i-phone on the pitch still looks a likely image



Poor aul Plats though, at least he’s “at peace with his conscience”


The French have taken care of Ronaldo anyway, hardly a hatchet job a lá Norman Hunter but effective nonetheless


I hope he is fit to play on.


Gooter, there goes my bet.

Terribly sad for him too obviously.


Jesus lads, next time you’re giving out about an Ulster championship game, be thankful you aren’t watching this soccer shite instead.


Fairly brutal alright.


Soccer … Ya can’t bate it!!


Well done Porties. But sad to see such lack of goal-scoring effort throughout a tournament end up successful. Some miss by Griezmann


Amazing that you can win a major tournament having only won 1 game in the 90mins.
Fair play to Portugal, they got the best out of what they have.


Only just got to read the reactions to the Italian game now, very good U-Roy! :laughing:


Franz Beckenbauer is under the spotlight now on suspicion of corruption.


Sosé you - Is it because he got a passport with the name Der Kaiser on it?


He’ll be no longer recognised as a Kaiser, chief.


And Robbie Mullered Gerd’s record …