Euro 2016


Didn’t know he played for the the Kaiser Chief’s :grinning:


English up in arms about FIFA poppy ban. Soccer Brexit coming? Old Home Championships the new World Cup … giving Ingerland a fighting chance …

James McLean must think he’s in Funderland and not Sunderland.

But nobody does unjustified indignant jingoistic outrage like the English …


or WBA


Lol :laughing: Jaysus and me watching him getting hammered the other night by City. :smile:

Perfidious Albion more apt so … :smile:


Feckin poppy nazis. what a load of shite.


Apparently the England manager and three players laid a wreath or something. Very odd the English, what they choose to get upset about.

Think Brexit was a reversion to the mean.


I think it’s ridiculous (and typical of FIFA) that the England and Scotland players CANNOT wear poppies in this game, if the individual players want to do so. But it is highly ironic as to how players like McClean are treated for wanting to have a similar choice.
The whole poppy thing seems to have been hijacked by the nationalists within England/UK. What could happen next? Mobs attacking civilians in the streets who aren’t wearing a poppy?


It’s about being consistent. They could have just as easy had it appear as a badge on the jersey - but no, it had to become a big issue of outrage to the vets etc.

FIFA rules are no political or religious symbols are to be worn on football shirts. What place does it have at a football game anyway? Go back to Eng-Scots games in the 70s and 80a and there was no great cry to wear poppies … when they were bating the sh1te out of each other …


Why is it ridiculous? The british armed forces have been involved in a lot of shit around the world and not least of which was illegally invading iraq and helping to create the shitstorm in Syria and the wider middle east, a shitstorm which they are now refusing to take refugees from. Sod them and their poppies.


Don’t get me wrong, most of the shite that’s going on in the world right now I reckon can be traced back to colonialism in the 19th and 20th centuries, particularly by the French and the British, both of whom left the Middle East and large tracts of Africa in rag order. I’ve said that here before. The poppy thing has, as I’ve said, been hijacked by those with a different outlook, but that’s not to say that its original symbolism was misplaced. It comes down to choice. And the ridicule I was pointing out was FIFA denying the choice.


But FIFA are anything but consistent. How many national emblems on a country’s jersey contain a cross?


But what is misplaced Beeko? Firstly FIFA rightly do not allow such symbols. Secondly as McLean points out they also commemorate the likes of those involved in murdering innocent civilians on Bloody Sunday.


That wasn’t its original intention. I 100% back McClean’s right to choice. I’d imagine he would never speak out against a player wearing the emblem in question - as it’s a matter of choice. Should FIFA insist on removing Crescent Moons or Crosses from National jerseys?

There were players from both sides of the sectarian divide playing for Northern Ireland in Euro 2016. I wish they could find an anthem that represents all of Northern Ireland’s citizens rather than the one they use. But the players involved made their choice to play for Northern Ireland just as McClean made his choice not to.

Where I do see an issue is that it seams every presenter, pundit, newscaster, reporter, etc on any British television show seems compelled to wear a poppy in the run up to Nov 11th.


As an aside, remember the ice bucket challenge from a couple of years back? Well, this one was doing the rounds a while back…

A (fitness fanatic) mate of mine tagged me in when doing it. I told him I couldn’t do it for reasons similar to McClean’s (and the fact that I can’t even do two press-ups at this stage).


But it’s unlike a flag or a national emblem or such Beeko - it’s a specific symbol worn once a year.


It is a symbol laced with dodgy politics, which whether they like it or not, some people have no time for.


I overheard the BBC news earlier with their PM May lambasting the football authorities for taking away their right to commemorate their war dead, like it’s a slight on the nation. Love it when I hear them so upset. Just love it.

Carry on FIFA!

My reasons are hundred fold. I’m sure most of you could guess them!


Long live Maggie Thatcher eh @Rochey


Pictures show Theresa May putting on a poppy with ex-servicemen collecting for the poppy appeal. The poppy appeal raises funds to support serving and ex-servicemen.

Is there not something absolutely contradictory and hypocritcal of their PM doing that, is it not absurd??


So, should the GAA ban clubs from having names like Pearse’s or Casement’s? Not to have stadiums named after MacDiarmuida? Should they ban people wearing The Shamrock on St Patrick’s Day?

I don’t really have much of a problem with what the poppy originally represented. I do have a problem with how it has been hijacked. But at the end of the day, it’s about freedom of expression. UEFA/FIFA are no people to be telling English or Scottish players that they cannot wear poppies no more than they cannot tell Celtic fans not to wave Palestinian flags.

@_TL makes a great point. Surely the UK government should be providing for ex-servicemen unable to work after injury caused by military conflict?