Euro 2024


Germany named as hosts

Great to see a common sense decision in football every now and again.

If it was up to me Ze Germans would always host the major tournaments


Euro 88. Should’ve been Liam Brady’s great swansong but St Jack couldn’t stand the fact that he didn’t fit the process(and that he was as popular as him and much more than any other player).
Oh, and he “couldn’t take the risk” on his fitness. Hmmmmmm…


He was also banned for the 1st two games in fairness


Thought was just the first game? Dirty git. Never liked him anyway! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Wait a minute, hadn’t StJ already left him out before he got sent off in that last game?


Don’t know about that but seems he was injured any way

Liam Brady, despite being Ireland’s best player had been omitted from the Irish squad for the tournament due to a cruciate ligament injury as well as a suspension. He played in all of Ireland’s qualifying games but missed out on the chance to show his ability on the big stage as he’d done with Arsenal and Juventus. It didn’t stop him turning up to the team hotel that night in Stuttgart and leading the sign along with his team mates though.

Also this is another great bit from the article :grin:

Legend has it that the then FAI President Fran Fields, since sadly departed, allegedly told Mayor Rommel of Stuttgart that “tonight we have done what your grandfather failed to do and beaten the English.”