Uh oh…so Russia don’t make the final.

Someones getting invaded tomorrow and they ain’t fussy who.

Hope yizzer have yer bunkers well stocked up with water, tinned spam, Fr Ted DVDs etc…

Ha! I just read that the Chinese tv broadcaster who take the Ev censored the Irish (and Albanian) performances, and as a result the EBU have terminated the contract with them. Go EBU!
They should’ve censored that Israeli performer, frightening.

We won’t be getting many votes from China then Ted , what with Crilly and this whole mess …

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Best Eurovision song ever…

You sure that was a Eurovision song B?

Was it not Russia’s entry one year?

No. They were in it one year alright but not with that particular song

Regardless, It’s Rock n Roll Kids :sunglasses:


Yep - brilliant song.

Second semifinal was rubbish

You seem surprised??

First semi was very good. Second was full of filler songs that will just become more nightclub fodder. Sad thing there is that quite a few nations clearly just stick in an effort like this, no interest in winning or rewarding creativity etc.

Cyprus the favourite after pre-tournament week being 66-1, bookies could take a bit of a thumping in one or two places, lucky for them Cyprus is a small population. It is also a nailed on club-hit though superior quality to most of the others, and the choreography was very impressive (though soft-porn). Other than that I wouldn’t personally rate it higher than 5.

How did I miss that???

Liking Norway and Estonia so far :+1:

Some gúna on the Estonian mot!

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Not sure about the British one. Sounded like a generic dance tune to me.

Security not exactly covering themselves in glory. I assume the UK is given the chance to preform again.

Some guna is right.
Great entry by Estonia.
Nice looking girl too.
Definitely in with a shout.

Norway great entry too.

France another good entry. Can see this doing well