Féile Peil na nÓg Division 1

What, so don’t play competitively until Minor?? There has to be a winner and a loser, and sure at that age a lot of the winners are crying too, I’m sure they find it worth it!

I wouldn’t agree at all. They were proud as punch on Saturday after the 4 games, momentarily deflated after the final as it meant a lot to them. Met for pizza in the club that night and all the players were in flying form, storytelling and slagging. They are the barometer when all is said and done.

To a man they said it was hugely enjoyable.

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Great stuff from skerries, bringing through some really good underage teams at the moment

Don’t play Feile. U15 is time enough for knock out competitions. The hype around the Feile was shocking in my time. And I don’t think it’s changed much.

And as you mention it minor is where it’s at. How many of our AI Feile champs won minor four years later?

It’s not a lot.

Do you remember that parent getting hit with the half crown?

feile in other counties is just run off as a late year u13 knockout competition or an early year u14 and not near the hype that is generated in Dublin about it…

O’Neills are the real winners


Some day for Feile! Anyone here involved in it? Watched Crokes u14 over Easter - terrific side. It’ll take a good team to beat them.

I was out watching div 2, good day for it but like @Rochey earlier in this thread pointed out I’ve been watching feile over a number of years and I have big doubts over it too.

Not to be a bah humbug merchant but asking 13 year old to play three 40 min matches in the one day followed by semi final is madness in my mind. It’s not conducive to good football overall. I’m sure if you looked back over the years the winning clubs didn’t always translate that into minor/senior success.

Speaking to country folk there feile is played over a number of dates and not all the one day, but dublin kids play games from Feb to Nov and get more games but leaves less gaps in calendar. It’s over hyped and not a fan but that said have seen that crokes outfit hurling and football and they handle themselves very well.

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In Kildare feile played off over a number of weeks with finals day in hawkfield for those that qualify. There is no u14 league to clash with. Hurling finals last weekend. Football in 2 weeks time. Think it’s a decent way to run it.

Meath run them the same as Dublin despite having nothing like the Dublin league structure. Crokes and Boden in Div 1 final tomorrow.

Blame the clubs. When I was on CCC2 we ran it as a league over a few weeks followed by a finals day. The clubs rejected it all but unanimously after a one year experiment.
Don’t know that it is as hyped as it used to be. Some clubs still do but there has been a sea change in attitude in Vincent’s and some other clubs about it. The league far more important at that age.


Yeah your 100% I think the one day is my biggest bug bear as you would ask adults to do it.

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Crokes would be favourites for that, I’d imagine.

I spoke to a few of the parents involved in our lad’s team today. They said their lads were nervous and anxious all week leading up to it. I just think that’s a bit too much for 13 year olds.

When I was involved in the Feile year back in the day, we didn’t hype it up, buy new tracksuits for the weekend etc. We got the new tracksuits and jerseys in January and didn’t hype up the event at all. We were beaten in the ‘A’ semi final by Brigids in Pc UiMhurcu and played very well, tiredness and injury beat us, but the lads thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing as they were a competitive bunch. They were disappointed, but the following week started a series of unbeaten league games because all the others were so deflated from Feile! Finished in the top 3 in the league that year if I recall correct.

My point is, I have great memories from the old kids team I managed from Feile, because we didn’t hype it up and the players didn’t feel the pressure. I wonder if this is a big factor that there’s so much burnout in kids after minor?


Div 1,2 & 10 on in PP on Monday, all others being played tomorrow between Blakestown and O’Toole Pk.


Crokes emphatic Div 1 winners over Boden as I expected. A really good team with some exceptional forwards.

Also great to see Erin’s Isle win Div 2. A certain O’Hare chap scoring heavily in the Final v Clontarf.


Congrats to Skerries indeed.

There is nothing wrong with the competition per se, it’s the attitude taken by coaches etc that cause the issue. It used to be a great thing before it became the Irish dancing of the GAA world.

I played in it back in late 70s (and won it I think). But I honestly never heard of it before we played the first game. I was amazed when there was a bit of a crowd for the final. It seems a lot different now.

Show us yewer megal Wifi!

It would have rusted away with extreme old age by now!

Feile should be scrapped.
Mentors and parents getting way too serious about it. The build up/the hype.
Some amount of head cases mentoring juvenile teams. Genuinely believe it’s because they wouldn’t be let near an adult team.

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