Fitzgibbon 2018


Nip and tuck now


another goal for DCU


thats a good win for DCU (lots a dubs) away to LIT



  1. Oisin Foley (Wexford)

  2. Paul O’Dea (Dublin)

  3. Eoghan O’Donnell (Dublin)

  4. Conor McSweeney (Limerick)

  5. Aaron Maddock (Wexford)

  6. Conor Delaney (Kilkenny)

  7. Daire Grey (Dublin)

  8. Darren Mullen (Kilkenny)

  9. Fergal Whitely (Dublin)

  10. Paudie Foley (Wexford)

  11. Killian Doyle (Westmeath)

  12. Donal Burke (Dublin)

  13. Rian McBride (Dublin)

  14. John Donnelly (Kilkenny)

  15. Patrick Curran (Waterford)


  1. Paul Kelly (Dublin) for Doyle (half-time)
  2. Darragh Brennan (Kilkenny) for McSweeney (44)
  3. Joe O’Connor (Wexford) for Whitley (50)
  4. Conor Burke (Dublin) for Kelly (57)

Scorers for DCU: Patrick Curran 1-6 (0-5f), Donal Burke 2-3 (0-2f), Aaron Maddock, Paudie Foley, Killian Doyle, Rian McBride, Joe O’Connor, Fergal Whitley 0-1 each.


Ehhhhhh no

This is a competition where people are only interested in it to see how their county players got on.


Third-level managers would call for that, seems to be where a lot of the cash is for them.


If the GAA was serious about standing against professionalism and player burn out, the first competitions to go should be the Fitzgibbon, Sigerson etc.


IT doesn’t need to go. Just make it for not established county players.


Not possible. Illegal I’d say. Especially with GPA scholarships- which should also go.


Jaysus illegal? Hardly?


UCD beat UCC today.

Strangely enough no Dublin representation on the UCD team. A few of the cuala boys obviously not taking the risk of playing colleges. They played last year so can’t see why they wouldn’t this year.

Great to see DCU flourishing. Wouldn’t be surprised to see them making semi final or final.


How could you stop a lad for playing for his college team? Also rem, scholarships are given on the basis that you WILL play for the college. Get rid of those competitions. Club and county is plenty.


For anyone who reckons this competition should be scrapped I suggest ye get down to watch some of these games if at all possible because many of them are of much higher quality than senior inter county. The vast majority of teams back themselves and play 15 on 15.


Not the issue. No one bar the players care. And most of them are overburdened already. By wouldn’t be missed if they were gotten rid off. At the very least no inter county panelist should be playing. Let them act as development squads v


Scholarships aren’t the fly in the ointment. There could be work around a for that. Otherwise Just play fitzgibbon and county matches on the same day and allow lads choose which they want to play on. I suspect they’d pick county.


Why would you get rid of scholarships?


Because they are not an educational good. People often think they are just money or grants. The really insidious thing that a lot of people don’t know is that colleges also offer points. Achieve a certain standard and because you’re a good GAA player a college might add fifty points to your total for that college, thus making you eligible for a course you may not entitled to otherwise. It undermines others who are not good at sports and ironically can serve as a disincentive to young lads to work harder.

Some colleges are also offering potential scholarships they have no intention of giving out. Unless you’re a county minor and a very good one you’re not getting one. Doesn’t stop them trying to turn the heads of other lads they have no intention of helping.

The system is shady at best. Immoral at worst.


I believe someone confronted Davy Fitz after DCU/LIT game about him running the legs off Wexford lads at weekend that were playing for DCU. Davy managing LIT. To me that a disgrace flogging lads especially when there a conflict of interest.


That is ridiculous.


Davy doesn’t give a shit. The GAA would be better off without his likes. A charlatan.