Fitzgibbon 2018


Have to agree with that. Playing first round Sigerson/Fitzgibbon on same week as first round of league is ridiculous. College competitions should be moved to November. Instead of abolishing the u21 championship GAA should have brought in a rule players can’t play league until finished playing at u21 championship and colleges.


Too many teams sharing too few players. Meaning the majority are waiting around for matches.

Just limit lads to one grade other than club in the calendar year. County U21, college OR senior county.

Suddenly lads would be playing club and one other team. Meaning every grade could have more games. All the non club activities could take place the same time (because no cross over of players) meaning the calendar is wide open for better schedules of matches across the board.


If they gave a shit that’s what they’d do. But they don’t.


Duffy was on newstalk the other night and he was hinting at something like that, herself kept talking at me so I missed bits of it.


So… you live in Cork… you rent… you’ve a mrs who doesn’t understand a man’s priorities…
You have it tough, don’t you?


I know right. feck sake! … house hunting at the moment as well, even more tedious.


here the clip was talking about


keepin it classy


He is an absolute disgrace to the GAA. His membership shames the Association and all it stands for imo.


does he hold intercounty training sessions on a Tuesday evening at 5pm like your club colleagues held yesterday Alan…

i agree with most of your sentiments re Davy by the way but he isnt unique in what he does to county panels


To the best of my knowledge no Dublin manager is also managing a college and sought to gain advantage for that college while doing his other job.

Even attempting to compare the two is insulting.


Are you happy with the timing and frequency of Dublin SH training at the moment…

Nothing new that Davy is a gobshite


As I’m not a senior hurler I’ve no idea about the frequency or the timing. You know more than I do by the sound if it. In general county team training is vastly inflated in terms of sessions. That’s not going to stop until the GAA deals with it as a a whole. The whole thing is dysfunctional from minor to senior.

And it’s more than Davy being a gobshite. It’s about him quite possibly using his position to gain an advantage for his team. That’s way beyond gobshitery.


I’m not sure either side in that clip does themselves any credit. Great win for DCU and again tonight.


Dave at it again tonight seemingly…


@Lostcause you can see the logic training at 5pm though. Offaly game is at 5pm, getting lads used to playing at that time, weather conditions, under floodlights etc.


There are two of them in it but with his profile you’d Think davy would rise above it.


Good win for dit as well


Great result for both, see Trinity gave Mary I a run for their money, wasn’t all one way traffic judging by reports.


Not for anyone working on a Tuesday to be honest