Fitzgibbon 2018


it was once, but more recently we’ve usually had a couple. UCD is for culchies, everyone knows that.


I think they might have one or two Cuala lads if they were available - but a big difference in Dublin representation between UCD and the rest of the Dublin colleges.


Good point.


Played wing back, he was poor, as was Whitely. On a positive note Donal Burke was excellent.


Noticed they were both subbed early enough in the second half.


Whitely has played an awful lot of hurling already this year, I think he played all the Walsh Cup games, plus both League games in addition to a number of Fitzgibbon games. Add in training with DCU along with Dublin…
He’s still very young and a rest would him no harm at this stage - he seems to be struggling for form the last few games.


Was thinking the same, the college lads are being pushed awful hard. Can see why Gilroy is giving some of them a break his end.


Unfortunately when you’re a good player between 18-22, everybody wants a slice of you.

County senior, under 21, Colleges and club.

Despite what managers say publicly about the welfare of these kids, they are flogging them and are only concerned with their own interests and achievements.

It’s commendable the effort these kids put in and the spectacles they produce despite trying to juggle all those balls in the air.


IT’s ridiculous. Not good for them. And contributes to the crappy season club players have. Club & 1 other team asap please.


On another note see UCD were playing sigerson and fitzgibbom on same day. Would there not have be dual players in both squads. .?


Is that not the same note?


5 dubs starting for DIT tonight none for UCD it’s strange with the numbers UCD have and the strength of Dublin hurling at college age


On the overuse of player thing - I really am not so sure how bad it is. If the players were only with the counties, they would be training 3 to 4 times a week now, and it would be hard enough training. These games probably substitute for one of those sessions, but the players probably prefer them. I think because we see the amount of games they play, but don’t really see the amount of training, we can put too much emphasis on games being an issue.

On the individual players, Whitely looks like a great young lad, but I can’t see him standing up to centre half back from a Galway, Tipp, Waterford side just yet. He will win some ball because he has a good eye, but I think not enough. In a few years yes, definitely, but I think not now. Burke may be similar, but is probably a more rounded hurler at this stage. I keep hearing of games where he played great, but it never seems to coincide with the ones I am at. But he was a brilliant minor, so it will happen for him, but again I am not sure if it is now. But two county managers have picked him for every game he is available, so they are obviously seeing something and they see more of him then I do.


Any idea of the team or who are the five starters?




Mc guirk starts for Hendricken


Just on a side note DIT with the only Dublin manager


Great to see McLoughlin cutting his managerial teeth…


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#FitzgibbonCup ¼ Final -

(2nd half, 30min)
@UCDGAA 0-11 (11)
@DITGAA 0-8 (8)
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