GAA Podcasts


Going to use this thread to plug some decent GAA podcasts that are being produced weekly or more regularly:


Anyone reccomend a decent podcast player for Android. I was using one but didn’t work after updating from Android Kitkat…

I like woolys one but the mic levels are all over the shop


I just use Soundcloud myself.


Podcast Republic works well.


Gone with Podcast Addict. One i was using originally, had to reinstall , updating didnt fix


That’s the one I use


Just downloaded it myself and it’s much better than SoundCloud. Cheers for the headsup.


A question for you here.

I see the Dublin GAA podcast has an option to download. I was having a look at podcasts for example newstalk and I don’t always see an option to download.

I was thinking of getting podcasts for the car as I drive up from Cork and I didn’t want to leave the 3G on. Do most of the podcasts not have a download option or is there any way around this?

Ok must get back to the Dublin v Mayo post. Those 400 messages aren’t going to get read by themselves.


Most, if not all of the GAA Podcasts that I have favored in the app Podcast Republic have the option to download.


Good stuff. Appreciate the info. I’ll download that app and see how I get on.


Been listening to the last couple of wooly podcasts on and I’ve have to say, Barry Cahill is very good on them, is he a regular contributor on that pod?
I also use podcast republic, dead handy for downloading pods.


Interview here with Kevin Nolan

Blue is the Colour



Jaysus, the dirt of that football in Currans hands.