GAA Season Ticket 2018


Still very good value covering both codes! I will review that next year!


Mine arrived yesterday.
A big hello to all in the Season Ticket office, I hope Santy leaves you a lump of coal, ya saps.


Are you going to use it this year!! :kissing_heart:


If all else fails yeah :wink:


Got mine today , who the fook designed that manky colour scheme ???


Mine arrived today too. As for the colour, it’s not great but it will glisten like gold if we get to use it in September.


Postie sorted me today. Fair play.


That just doesn’t sound right!


I’m reserving judgement 'til I see the postie.


It’s a bit weird alright, say it will look gak when it fades aswell


Once the team doesn’t fade we won’t complain! :grinning:


Tickets available for printout . Ughhhh section 404 :grimacing:, poxy section for views if at the back.


There is no section 404 is there?

Lower Tier goes from 301-336.


They must read here, they put me in Dalymount.


There is the further you go back , it’s where the wheel chair section is where the walkway is behind the last row of seats in the Cussack.


AH they are not that bad seats. Nice and close to the bar!


Na , they grand , I just remember having a bad view of the '13 league final . Can’t complain , it’s not the AI final :wink:


The 401/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9 etc is the wheelchair viewing at the back row of the Lower Cusack and the view can be poxy at times, particularly when the guy in front of you is standing cheering!!


I’ll see what the lie if the land is , if there’s few seats further down & ■■■■ all at it I’m taking them !


I never knew that. I have the Croke Park seating plan saved to be able to refer to it each time my tickets come out. It just wasn’t listed on that at all. You learn something knew every day.