GAA Season Ticket 2018


Season tickets have been issued anyway. Got mine in 306, not bad at all.


306 for us as well. Can’t complain with that. As long as it stays that way for the year!


Anyone else try and succeed in getting tickets for the Club Finals on Paddy’s day.

Under Special Purchases the option is there but once I select the tickets it then says “not available” …


Got one earlier with no issues for section 302. Passed it onto to someone here.


I have two promised to a Corofin native here but it’s not working. It’s going between showing me Section 302 and then saying No tickets available. Very frustrating.


Strange , I literally did it about two hours ago . Did you select the amount of adult tickets ?


Yeah… one minute it lets me select 2 and click Select and then says No tickets available… straight away then when you click to go back in it doesn’t give that option and just says no tickets available… hopefully just a temporary IT issue.


Oh ok , it took me to another page to confirm & then the tickets appeared in the tickets section or special purchase . One or the other .


Tickets for the League Final are available online to print.

Curiously, they still have the tickets from Sunday just gone there as an option to print too so just make sure you don’t print the wrong ones!


I seen that, it actually had the monaghan game dated as 28/03/18 aswell, another email today highlighting there’s no season ticket facility in the ground to print tickets, ive heard of a couple of people turning up to the turnstiles at croker with actual season card and no seat ticket so looks like theyre clamping down!


Download it on the phone, zoom in on the barcode and hand your phone to the scanners. No hassle at all


Just saw an e-mail stating Parnell Pass holders will not get a stand ticket for the hurling vs KK.


Not being adept at using my new smart phone I assume I can download three tickets on the fone for scanning purposes?


Yup , just open each file & scan one by one .




Alright folks, has anyone who went to portlaoise still not got their attendance recorded?
I was printing off my tickets for Sunday a few mins ago and noticed I still haven’t got attendance recorded for the Wicklow game.


Just checked , mines recorded.


Mines up to date as well


Mine’s there too… had a quick check when checking seats for this weekend


yes mine recorded also