GAA Season Ticket / Parnell Pass


Anybody have the PP Pass terms and conditions handy?


Did you get offered a Nally? :see_no_evil:


Oh Bollox, going for the terms and conditions, I’m getting the popcorn in for this one, what’s the craic here?


Just been to pick up mine and got Hill (as I always have withe the PP) also there is a sign up saying that 1 terrace pass = 1 Hill.


No popcorn required lads. Positive terrace equals Hill, as per terms and conditions. Just wanted confirmation.


That’s been there all year


Yeah I thought so, but couldn’t swear to it. Had more time to look around today as I actually had to queue for a few minutes, usually that only happens for the final.


Confirmed by Parnell Park and in the ticket office that terrace equals Hill, period.

No need to panic about being landed with a Nally.


Email from Season Ticket office sent out this morning re Final tickets. Tickets being posted from Weds 6th to all eligible. :smile:


Yeah got it about 4pm yesterday, it’s gas you know you have them but it’s only when you get the email that you breath a sigh of relief, got a bad draw on seats last few games but hopefully I get a good spec for the final


i wonder will leinster distribute all their tickets to Mayo again this year


Oh I think we all know the answer to that


Any spares? :smile:


postman gone , no season tickets , anyone get theres yet ?


Are they been posted out this week ? Assumed its next week ?


NO, but my Liam Gallagher tickets arrived this morning! Just as excited about that :star_struck:




Nothing yet, email said they’d be posted Wednesday so thought I would have got them today, hopefully tomorrow, eager to see what Row!


■■■■ me , be like the hill on all ireland hurling final day - scatter of auld lads hanging onto the past and pissed teenagers


Ah come on, I am not that old. Although heard a good one from a mate of mine that would have 6 or 7 years on me. he is a reporter and went to cover a festival in Serbia. Liam was doing a set and this guy was up the front in the media area. In between songs, Liam points him out and says something along the lines of, you are probably old enough to remember this one